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New McCall’s Summer Collection | Top Picks plus Pattern/Fabric Pairing

I am really loving this collection, its SUPER and I think it’s a winner. I’ve included all patterns that call to my heart. The McCall’s team has knocked it out of the park with this collection and I’m excited to grab these when next they go on sale.

Awesome Fabric Pairing

After each pattern pick, I’ve included fabric pairing. In this section of the post, I’m sharing fabric that I gravitate to for each of the patterns I shared. They reflect my love of color as well as the feminine touch. However, you should consider colors that you love and what looks good on you.

Must-Have 1 – McCall’s M8311

What can I say? She speaks for herself, this pattern is all woman and all sexy without giving away too much. It’s a fantastic choice for the summer, in a floral print or a fall dress in Hunter’s green.

Suggested Fabrics

  • Two-Way Stretch Knits
  • Medium-weight Knits
  • Interlock
  • Velvet

This is an asymmetric pullover dress with cutouts and a decorative ring. There are two bodice options, a draped sleeveless one shoulder, and a wrap-around, free sleeve all-in-one bodice. With dress length choice of above-the-knee or mid-knee.

Plus Size sewing option available in McCall’s M8331

Dress –  M8311

Must-Have 2 – M8322

Oh my gosh, the previous pattern represents me on a super sexy level. This dress is all me in a daily elegant sort of way. I love all the details on this dress. It’s truly the design that will give much satisfaction because of all the intricate details.

Suggested Fabric

  • Cotton Blends
  • Lawn
  • Gingham
  • Challis

Version C is my favorite, what can I say – I’m a Maxi dress fan. This dress brings me to life, especially in this Texas summer heat.

Dress M8322

Must-Have 3 – McCall’s M8321

At first glance, I’m sure you want to pass this pattern without a second look. But trust me, this is a hidden gem. All the options are tricksters until you realize that back has such an amazing wow factor.

Suggested Fabric

  • Batik
  • Cotton Blends
  • Linen
  • Sateen

All versions are cute, but my favorites for summer are A & B. Version C is ideal for a transitional dress as we move into Fall.

Dress M8321

  • Style Maker Statement Rose Floral Rayon Challis Fuchsia | https://bit.ly/3Ac3qrC
  • Mood Exclusive Blue Period Stretch Cotton Sateen | https://bit.ly/3zRB0lI
  • Mood Exclusive Periwinkle Patch Stretch Cotton Sateen |https://bit.ly/3bKPCLy

Must-Have 4 – McCall’s M8312

The perfect Market Dress – If you want comfy, this is the pattern. It not only gives you room to move in, but how it falls and the movement I anticipate with a dress like this is perfect for Saturday shopping and market days.

Suggested Fabric

  • Gingham
  • Cotton Blends
  • Poplin
  • Sateen

Imagine this is a lovely print and possibly add lace to the yoke. Complete your look with a Hat, basket bag, and espadrilles. Now isn’t that the picture of summer? Picking my favorite version is a tough choice, so I’ll say – they are all winners!

Dress M8312

Must-Have 5 – McCall’s M8320

Not sure McCall’s M8312 is your style but a design that sings Saturday Funday! I wasn’t a fan right off the bat with this pattern. But, like I said so many times before – check the line art (it gives you perspective). I can envision a few modifications that can make this a cute design to fit my style. The pintuck won me over.

Suggested Fabric

  • Gingham
  • Cotton Blends
  • Poplin
  • Sateen

Here’s a thought, what do you think of making version B and adding the sleeves of version C (puff sleeve with tucks)? That would be my ideal project from this pattern. I love pullovers but cringe when I think of the ease a design like this comes with. Yet, I’ll throw in the towel to try my hand at that pintuck front.

Dress M8320

  • Mood Balenciaga Italian Blue, Red Alert and White Striped Cotton Poplin | https://bit.ly/3wiaroP
  • Mood Exclusive Clay May Flowers Cotton Poplin | https://bit.ly/3QwEuk6
  • Style Maker Scenic Summer Weather Rayon Voile Navy | https://bit.ly/3diDOAv

Must-Have 6 – McCall’s M8324

The perfect Hott Summer Dayz Top – With this open-back crop top, you are sure to stay cool and I’m here for it. Loving all the versions.

Suggested Fabric

  • Charmeuse
  • Challis
  • Cotton Blends

I was totally taken aback when I read the suggested fabrics. It hadn’t crossed my mind this pattern would be woven but that’s a nice surprise and definitely a challenge for me. View C would be my first choice to sew, it would make a very dramatic top for a garden party.

Top M8324

  • Style Maker Intricate Paisley Floral Rayon Challis Black | https://bit.ly/3A88RId
  • Fabric.com Telio Selena Rayon Challis Watercolor Floral Print Ecru/Rust | https://bit.ly/3die47m
  • Mood Exclusive Misty Morning Polyester Charmeuse | https://bit.ly/3JJUVqZ

Must-Have 7 – McCall’s M8325

Again with the Pintucks – I’m so here for it. I’m looking forward to sewing this pattern. I’ve never sewn a garment with pintuck and I’ve always been curious and a bit intimidated. I hope this pattern will be helpful.

Suggested Fabric

  • Lawn
  • Cotton Blends
  • Challis
  • Swiss Dot

I’m also digging the ruffles on Version A. These patterns are perfect for denim shorts, but I can see myself in tailored or Linen shorts.

Top M8325

  • Fabric.com Leno Lawn Embroidered Eyelet Tonal Stripes White | https://bit.ly/3JHqxxD
  • Minerva Broderie Anglaise Embroidered Cotton Fabric | https://bit.ly/3zJQSGJ
  • Style Maker Spring Floral Digital Print Embroidered Eyelet Cotton Lawn White | https://bit.ly/3JLh3kW

Must-Have 8 – McCall’s M8326

Skirts are the projects I struggle with. Mainly separates as a whole, I have a mental block when it comes to making these. But would like to add this design to my collection because I take it’s super versatile and flattering.

Suggested Fabric

  • Cotton Blends
  • Lawn
  • Challis
  • Gingham

I love the look of Version B & C and know it will be a time-consuming but rewarding project. Version be is definitely fabric hungry, calling for 5 1/2 yards for all sizes.

Skirt M8326

  • Mood Exclusive Tulsi’s Worship Pink Cotton Voile | https://bit.ly/3JI83ge
  • Fabric.com Leno Alaina Cotton Lawn Stripe White | https://bit.ly/3JRPG8Y
  • Mood Exclusive Periwinkle Patchwork Perennials Cotton Voile | https://bit.ly/3AcHRHC

Must-Have 9 – McCall’s M8329

I’ve always wanted to make my own swimsuit. This too, is another intimidating project, that I should just dive into (no pun intended)

Suggested Fabric

  • Four-Way Stretch Knits (Swimwear Knit)

The pattern is cute and I like to full-coverage bottom and that the pattern also comes with a one-piece. The ring detail is flattering detail and I can see a tortoise-colored ring making a statement on your swimsuit.

Plus Size sewing option available in McCall’s M8330

Swimsuit M8329 & M8330

  • Mood Fabric Tropical Leaves Digitally Printed Stretch Neoprene/Scuba Knit |https://bit.ly/3A9L3Uk
  • Style Maker Fabric Watercolor Tropical Leaves Swimwear Knit Blue/Green | https://bit.ly/3AaU5QX
  • Style Maker Fabric Layered Tropical Floral Swimwear Knit Berry | https://bit.ly/3AarZp7

Must-Have 10 – McCall’s M8306

Vintage style has a very special place in my heart. Although I don’t sew them often, I’m drawn to the designs. The fitted top with all its detail is one of the reasons, I would get this pattern. It looks very appealing and I would stitch that up in a lovely cotton lawn.

Suggested Fabric

  • Cotton Blends
  • Lawn
  • Challis
  • Light Weight Denim

I love the look of Version B & C and know it will be a time-consuming but rewarding project. Version B is definitely fabric hungry, calling for 5 1/2 yards for all sizes. But, when you find a project you love, counting yardage gets thrown out.

I’m so glad to have the opportunity to share my thoughts on this collection, I hope you find pieces that work for your next sewing project!

Much Love



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