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New Farmhouse Room Makeover | PhotoWall Review

Hello lovely friends, the awesome folks over at PhotoWall reached out with an opportunity a few weeks ago. After reviewing their inventory, I had to jump at this offer.

PhotoWall has a massive selection of prints, posters, and wallpapers. Almost any print you can think of is there as a product. If you have an image you’d like to get as a product, all you need to do is upload it. Their shipping is fast and efficient, with all three of the items I chose arriving in seven days. The packaging was tight and sturdy, so there wasn’t any damage to the products.

Master Bedroom Refresh

The Toroweap Overlook

I chose ‘Toroweap Overlook‘ as the first canvas. It’s a scenic picture, to be sure. The colors are striking and vibrant, with dusty red and orange hues to it. The scenery along with the sun shining through the tree gives a warm and natural feel to the piece. Its sky, though mostly covered in clouds, has an indigo look that nicely contrasts the rest of the image.

The room came together nicely, as the colors were chosen to create the right balance and cohesively align with the canvas. I’ve added new bedding and wall decor to make the space warm and cozy. The room has a whole different feel and I’m excited to relax in my bedroom more. It’s so funny, how a few small changes add a touch of comfort.

Photoshoot Corner Revamp

Windflowers – Ruger Donoho

The second canvas, Windflowers – Ruger Donoho, is a floral piece. The traditionally painted botanical image has a vintage, classy look to it. The spattering of purple, blue, and white windflowers coupled with the lively green of their leaves makes it a calming, serene scene. A spattering of warm color like the rich browns of soil ties the piece together well.

When creating this space, I wanted a simple corner where the canvas would work with almost any outfit worn. The print is neutral enough that all I have to do is change out the throw blanket, update the vases and remove the dog bed.

The wall baskets are from amazon, the end tables are Wayfair, the vases are Magnolia Market and the picks are from a local boutique.

A Touch of Pretty

Midsummer World

Next is the poster, Midsummer World – No Border. It’s the world map–but with a floral twist for a child’s room. Its white background accentuates the attention-grabbing colorful flowers. Although some are softer and more pastel, none of the flowers get lost amongst the others. It’s energetic and fun, but not distracting.

Three months ago my youngest turned 13 and she’s been wanting to make her room a bit more grown up. We’ve been on the lookout for something to use and the base or foundation to build her space. After she saw this world print, we knew it was the perfect picture to help create a room that reflects her personality. Now we are looking for two more artworks and building a few bookshelves for her. If you haven’t noticed, she has tons of stuffies and dolls, that need homes.

I highly recommend PhotoWall, and will be purchasing their wallpaper for my future sewing & dressing room. Here are the links you’ll need to find your dream pieces and links to the wall art used in my home.


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