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Great Make | McCalls Pattern 8036 Review: Spring Floral Wrap Dress!

Hello everyone! Recently I’ve finished a dress, so I’m very excited to write about and share it with you! This dress is made with the McCalls Pattern 8036, as displayed in the title. Now, before I go in-depth on that, I’d like to talk about this fabric. This is a pretty fabric that is on-trend for 2022 with its bold color-way.

Floral Explosion

The Ideal Fabric For Spring Dresses

The fabric is a cotton poplin floral with bright spattering colors that make it pop. The reds, pinks, and yellows make this dress both springlike and summery. I’ve added a dark, slightly translucent fabric to the ruffle hemline and the tie front, which balances out the brightness of the fabric. The fabric isn’t particularly stiff but it is a non-stretch. Because of that, it’s crisp and holds the shape of the dress well. That makes it so it doesn’t droop or sag. It’s the perfect fabric for spring dresses like this, or shirts that need some extra color. Although I’m using the black version, this fabric comes in four separate colorings. The yellow and green variations are lively and vivid. This black one and the pink one have a more mature feel to them for dresses like this.

I’m All Women in this Dress

A fantastic feminine dress – Gives off all the good vibes

Now, onto this pattern. The pattern I’ve used is pattern A of the McCalls 8036. It’s an elegant yet lively style that’s definitely ideal for the season. The dress reaches just above my knees and is form-fitting without being tight. It fits the body well and isn’t loose at all. Its short sleeves have a puffy style to them and give off a certain girly vibe. The dress has been cut to a size 12, and I’ve sewed it without any tweaks or tailoring. Other versions of the dress have a button-front and a different type of sleeve for chillier days. As it’s beginning to get warmer in the coming months, this dress is great for the season! Its style is great for both spring and summer.


I’ve accompanied this dress with more muted accessories. The purse is medium-sized, made from light brown leather, with its straps being shiny golden chains. The studded mid-heels are similar in color, along with gold studs on their straps. The necklace is also golden in color. These accents make the outfit as a whole neither empty nor cluttered. It’s well-balanced and the accessories don’t overshadow the main piece.

In Conclusion:

The pattern made a great dress that wasn’t too stiff or too loose. Its style is feminine and graceful, and it’s fantastic for the warm weather in the coming months. The fabric has a striking color without being overbearing, made with strong and high-quality material. Accessorizing this and making it a complete outfit was a blast, and I’m overjoyed with how it came out looking.


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