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Trendy Spring Styles to update your wardrobe in 2022

Wearable Spring Fashion for the everyday woman!

In all honesty, I wasn’t going to add this and make this video all about 9 trends, because this one is so out there. I’m not sure how many of you watch runway videos, but the statement size of these blazers is beyond words. Yet, I wanted to challenge myself to make it wearable, blazers are for the everyday person. I had to dig deep and make it happen, this trend could be achieved by making yours slightly oversized or switching out the sleeve for something wider. I thought even making a Ponte knit blazer where it’s much easier to add volume to the sleeve. Any other modification would be obnoxious and not practical.

Pattern Possibilities

Although this trend isn’t something I would gravitate to, I found a few patterns, I could tolerate and if I added to my collection they would be more my style.

Trend 2| Tailored Trousers

Relaxed trousers are making their way back as a staple, they have always been around. But, mainly in the work environment. What we are seeing now, is more everyday style and very tailored, straight, wide, flare, and booth cut style. I especially love high-waisted tapered trousers with a clean crease, they look polished and crisp.

Pattern Possibilities

I once thought pleated trousers were boring and for old men. I’ve had a change of heart, these are just the best for long-legged ladies. Show off what you got and still be polished doing it.

Trend 3 | Vacation Style

On the runway we see designers showcasing pieces that are ideal for the holiday and travel. This trend is focused on really bold colors, crochet, and pretty much any pieces that make you think of going to the beach. Think of long flowing dresses, patterned skirts, crochet dress or insert, cover-up, & pastel colors.

Pattern Possibilities

These are great everyday dress ideas, to meet this trend and not overwhelm you. It’s the best ideal dress for every woman. Easy, effortless and beautiful.

Trend 4 | Wear White – Bridal Impact

Are you not an LBD person, then this might be the trend for you? The Little White Dress is quite big this season and a great addition to any wardrobe. It can be a maxi dress or cocktail-style dress, as well as a white dress with a lace overlay or insert. Other ways to incorporate this trend would be to add lace, Broderie Anglaise, or tulle to your projects.

attern Possibilities – Bridal Impact takes center stage

These are the sweetest possibilities I’m sharing for the bridal impact trend. Seriously, romantic designs in lace or any ditsy print will bring this trend to life. I love the ethereal feel of this trend, which is the 2.0 version of the last two years’ romantic style trend.

Trend 5 | All puffed Up

Here is a trend that is sort of similar, come off the bridal impact styling. It’s all puffed up. We are looking at pieces that have a more voluminous silhouette. Super puff sleeves, bubble hems, the use of taffeta to add volume to your project. One thing I’ve learned to love about puff sleeves is the opportunity of creating shape. They add width to the shoulder, which in turn makes your waist look small. Now, add a bubble skirt and bam – Coca-cola shape in the house.

Pattern Possibilities – Sleeves and Hem to make you go – Ooh la la la

Here are a few inspiration patterns that could work for this trend. It was difficult to find bubble hem dress/skirt patterns that are currently available. The best I could find was a few DIY projects and older pattern on Etsy. I’m sure in the near future we may see these patterns in the big 4 lineups soon.

Trend 6 | Black & White

Let’s keep the good things at the forefront of our memory and styling. This color combination is classic and always looks chic and sophisticated. Any combination of black and white is a winner. Color blocking is one option, polka dots, stripes, checks, gingham, etc. Even black and white layering.

Pattern Possibilities – Clean Lines Please

Trends 7 | The 3 B’s Bright, Bold, & Blissful

Rich colors are what this trend is all about, not just a hint or pop of color. We are talking full-bright, head-to-toe, showstopping color combs. This silhouette will elongate the body and make you look taller and similar because of the monochromatic nature of the style.

Pattern Possibilities – We are all about the WOW factor

These patterns are almost identical to the inspirations, what do you think? If you are going for an exact replica, you’ll have to do some modification but I love how these give off a similar look and feel.

Trend 8 | New Take Trench

On my last Friday Sews 03/18/2022, I shared two trench coats from Burda Style that had amazing details, on the runway these trenches are designed with a twist. Some have unique sleeve detail, pleating, sheer inserts.

Pattern Possibilities – Totally Twisted Trench

I have seen so many amazing inspirations as well as trench patterns that can be modified to fit this trend and the creator’s personality. Do you like pleats? Hack certain sections of your trench to create that unique project only you can do. Love lace? Add a lace sleeve or ruffle hem to your trench, the possibilities are all up to you.

Trend 9 | Vanishing (Mini) Skirt Suits

I’ll admit this trend is very cute, it gives off clueless vibes. As well as, the working woman of the ’80s. Think of bright bold colors and cute jackets, but I love how it pulls your outfit together without thinking.

Pattern Possibilities – Suites of Power

If you wanted to commend respect, these patterns have the ability to get the job done. It’s up to you to sew these bad boys and wear them with confidence.

Trend 10 | Magnificently Maxi

As I’ve mentioned in the past, separates are on my list of spring projects. This next trend is all maxi/floor-length dresses and skirts. I most likely won’t go floor-length unless I’m on the beach. However, for everyday living, my maxi length of choice would be above or below the ankle. Maxi dresses give an aura of effortlessness, they are flattering, elegant, and have lots of movement.

Pattern Pairing Maxi Style

The hunt for the perfect match can take forever, but two out of three isn’t bad! I truly love how amazing these patterns are. A key to success for your sewing projects, it to consider the line drawings. You may look over a gem. These patterns are sleepers, but I’m sure once you take a closer look you’ll agree.

I also wanted to include some skirt inspiration for this trend. A variation of skirt design is limited if you go directly to the big four pattern company. I would highly recommend heading over to the fold line for more options in one location. Otherwise, a search for an independent pattern company will deliver tons of options

Bonus Trend | Pearls pearls pearls

These are mostly about accessories such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, handbags, & shoes. But they can be added to pretty much any garment, the trick is to not make it look tacky.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope this post was helpful in some way!


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