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Christmas Sewing Challenge

#thelittlereddressproject is back

Can you believe it’s that time again? I sure can, I’ve been waiting for just this very moment to kick off the challenge. The Little Red Dress Project is my greatest sewing achievement, without the sewing part. With all that has been going on over the last 20 months, this is what we all need a good dress-up day! This is truly a time to make something for yourself, although it’s the holidays and I know most of you are thinking about sewing gifts. This challenge is for you, push the envelope sewing a red dress for the season.

Like I said last year, it’s not that you’re totally selfish and not giving back for the holiday. It’s more of embracing your talent and creating a special piece to add to your wardrobe. Take this challenge and make this your best project for the year.

What is the challenge?

All you have to do is sew a red dress for the season! Think about Christmas dinner, holiday parties, and other events during the festive season. Is your diary getting filled with invitations to parties yet? I already have two in the month of December.

This year is no different than last year’s challenge, my co-host is the lovely Kiera of Islandsewcialist. I am thrilled to have her on board. She’s an amazing sewist with mad sewing skills, you’ll want to follow her wonderful IG feed for sewing inspiration. Keira also has a YouTube channel, so don’t forget to show your support to her on that platform. Links will be left below.

How to Participate?

To join this challenge all you have to do is make a red dress based on the requirements below.

Challenge Rules:

Sew a red Christmas dress for yourself, a friend, or a child. Your dress should be 90% red. Here are the exceptions: Shades of Burgundy and Rose Pink (leaning more toward a stronger powerful tone). Other exceptions would be patterned fabric such as floral, lace, and geometric, it’s your choice as long as RED is the most predominant.

When Does the Challenge Start

November 27th -December 24th

Reveal Date

December 20th – December 24th Feel free to show off your new red dress during this week.

Prizes you Can win: 

For each sponsor, there will be one winner, all updates will be posted to Instagram.

Remember to use #thelittlereddressproject21, and tag @thetwilightstitcher, and @islandsewcialist when posting your fabric, pattern inspiration, progress, and the final project.

Note: Prizes are Open to All (World Wide) unless stated otherwise. This is a challenge and not a contest. We have great sponsors and winners of their prizes will be RANDOMLY selected. Although this is a friendly challenge, there still are rules.

How to Win:

Follow both hostesses on Youtube & Instagram

The Twilight Stitcher


DM @thetwilightstitcher or @islandsewcialist your reveal photo on Instagram during Dec 20th-Dec24th, and we’ll do the rest by randomly choosing prize winners.

Winners will be announced on December 31st, 2021 on Instagram. If you are a winner please DM @thetwilightstitcher or @islandsewcialist.

Show your Support:

  1. Please share this challenge and spread the word on social media don’t forget to use #thelittlereddressproject21, tag your hostesses
  2. Share your project, fabric, pattern, and process on IG, Blog, or Vlog to encourage and motivate others.
  3. We ask that you kindly support our sponsors by following and tagging them as well.

Lastly, Does red scare?

Here are a few color charts to help you choose a red tone that best suits you. I have no issue with the use of these colors for the challenge.

Shades of Red

Shades of Burgundy

I and Keria look forward to a fun and eventful holiday with you alongside us on this challenge.


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