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2021 Holiday Sewing Challenge Reveal

#IMSEWFESTIVE Drop Dead Gorgeous Novelty Sweater Dress

After launching my #thelittlereddressproject, Simply Delilah came out with another holiday sewing challenge. What I like about this challenge is it makes me think outside the box. I typically wouldn’t look at novelty fabric as the first choice for any of my sewing projects. But, to support another sewist, I’ll do my best.
I started my fabric search by hunting through my local Joann’s store.

The goal was to find an appropriate fabric that meets the challenges requirements and my taste. I found a luscious Pure Plush Fleece with a geometric metallic print.

It has good stretch and recovery. I love how wonderful the fabric feels against my skin. I highly recommend Pure Plush Fleece, but remember the fiber content is polyester, and ironing the seams must be done with a press cloth.

Made for Mermaids Latest Offering

Vanessa Pattern

The Vanessa is designed for knit fabric, which I love wholeheartedly. It features a wide v-neck, similar to popular ready-to-wear sweaters found on amazon and your favorite influencers. There are two neckline options, on-the-shoulder or off-the-shoulder. Let’s not forget the sleeve options, which are straight, bell & color-blocked bell.

A bonus feature in the off-shoulder version is the multiple wearing options. You can wear it either on or off, one shoulder OR off both shoulders. For my project, I used a contrasting neckline. This to me, gave the dress a Wow or pop factor.

When sewing the neckband, I recommend adding a basting stitch along the seam line close to the edge. Then reenforce the V of either end of the neckband for easy attachment to the sweater.

The Look

Christmas Dinner Ready!

I paired the dress with my Elisabetta Franchi caramel shoulder bag and a pair of nude pumps. I was surprised to see how festive this dress turned it. With that said, I had to find the perfect spot where this dress would stand out. For most of the shoot day, it was overcast and dreary. Luckily in the afternoon, the sun started to pop out and I got these amazing pictures.

The pairing of this fabric and pattern has made this a killer holiday dress, + a little warmth. Especially if you live in a cooler climate.

In closing, I knew exactly what my mind envisioned for this challenge, but to see it come together so nicely makes me proud. I hope your projects are turning out great and can’t wait to share another review.


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