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New “Must Have Sweater Sewing Pattern” Simplicity S9385

Fall-Ready Sewing

Today we are going to review my latest sewing project. A few days ago, I posted my video review of Simplicity S9385 over on YouTube. Wow! Can you believe, I’m already sewing up my fall wardrobe? This pattern has the potential or is already a staple sewing pattern for Fall 2021. The desire to own and sew this pattern up was instant.

Everything about S9385 screams fall, it’s such a cozy weather pattern. I can see lots of people sewing this one up over the next few weeks as the weather begins to dip here.

Simplicity S9385 Pattern Variations

Version A – Is a crew neck with a banded neckline, it comes with long sleeves. The sleeves are pleated at the shoulder for fullness and exaggerated cuff. The cuff length is about 9-10 inches long and the overall length of the sweater is about 23-25 inches.

Version B – This is the one I sewed, shares all the characteristics of Version A, with two exceptions. The cuffs are about 4 inches long and there is a banded hem on the sweater.

Version C – Has a turtleneck that looks a bit slouchy, but I can’t confirm since I haven’t sewn it up yet. But it comes with a banded hem and shorter cuffs. This has a standard sleeve with no pleats.

Version D – Is exactly the same as Version with one difference. It has a banded hem.

Each version is unique, I love how drawn you can be to a pattern.

Best Fabric Choices for Simplicity S9385

As a seamstress, sewing knits can be stressful. The ease with which this pattern comes together will give you the confidence to use stretch more often. The pattern is recommended for knits only. My recommendation would go as far as saying knits with a minimum of 30% stretch.

  • Jersey Knits
  • Sweater Knits
  • Textured knits
  • Teddy Sweater Knits
  • Brushed Knits

For my project, I used brushed knit from Joann’s Craft. They have a good selection of these fabrics in a variety of colors and designs.

Simplicity S9385 Pattern Review

You Need to Sew S9385 Righ Now!

Are you looking for a pattern with clear instructions? A pattern that requires no alterations? Simplicity S9385 is perfect for fall. My chic new sweater is turning heads and it only took me a few hours to complete. The instructions are direct and straightforward. Another thing about this pattern that’s great is the fit. The key to sewing the perfect fit is to measure yourself for each project.

Styling Simplicity S9385

Two equally Chic Looks

I am loving these looks, they are both fabulous.

Look 1

This first look is missing a hat to complete the look. I love these booties, they match perfectly with the sweater. The pop of blue in the jeans really brings the sweater and boots to life. The coin necklace is a nice addition to pull the look together in the absence of a hat.

Look 2

This look is slightly sleeker than the first. I wanted to feel a bit more sophisticated, with a goal of weekend chic. Envisioning myself having a quick bit at that local “it” restaurant, I opted for the star-studded look of sunglasses and my strappy sandals with an elevated handbag. Both looks are clean and polished!

I’ve shown how switching your footwear and adding a neutral handbag can completely change your look. A pair of sunglasses does the trick to take your look up a notch.

Here are a few more photos showcasing this amazing project.

I hope this has inspired you to sew a few pieces to add to your Fall 2021 wardrobe.


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