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New Liberty Fabric Thea Boho Pattern Review

A Beautiful sewing collaboration with Sew Essential UK

We are featuring the Thea Boho sleeve pattern, sewn up using John Kaldor Paris polyester satin fabric.

Earlier this summer, I started a conversation with Lucy of Sew Essential UK. After chatting we decided to work together on a project that will truly inspire the sewing bug to get you. I would be gifted materials to complete a project. I’ve known Lucy for almost 5 years now, and I was happy to work with her once more. To learn more about Sew Essential UK visit their website where you will find amazing fabrics or head over to Instagram to be inspired by all Lucy’s projects, her reviews and more can be found on youtube. Here are the links to all their social media platforms.

Why is Silk ideal as a Transitional Fabric?

Although my fabric is Satin, I felt sharing the benefit of silk would be beneficial to the reader. Satin is imitation silk, know the benefits of the real McCoy is good knowledge to have. So, before we get to all the beauty of the shirt, let’s take a moment to learn about silk and how great it works in the summer month as well as the fall and winter. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic and good for your skin. It’s perfect for those that suffer from asthma or have sensitive skin.

One thing I love about silk is the return on investment, this fabric naturally wards off the most common allergens, e.g. dut mites and mold. This in turn will deliver a clothing item that will last for years to come. When you make a dress or blouse with silk, you can easily wear it throughout the year. It’s light airy and fluid for the warmer months. Enjoy all this and the insulating benefits of this natural fiber. Another great benefit is the warmth to thickness ratio. This basically means a thin silk fabric will keep you warm when it’s in direct contact with the skin.

The durability of silk fabric has a lot to do with how strong silk threads are, they are four times stronger than steel thread. Silk isn’t just good for the environment, warm, tough, and durable it’s also a luxe fabric that’s quite appealing to the eye.

Thoughts on the Thea Boho sewing pattern

A thing or two before we dive into the pattern

The Thea Boho Sleeve Shirt creates a loose-fitting button-front style with ruffled and puffed sleeve options to choose from – capturing a romantic, free-spirited mood. Make this Liberty shirt pattern with silk, linen, or Tana Lawn™ cotton, in sizes 6-22. Courtesy Liberty London website

The Thea boho pattern in my opinion could be set to a confident beginner because a few steps are a bit more advance. There are two steps that could be missed and you would end making this pattern. I would highly recommend transferring all marking especially the fold line, stitch line, & center front lines of pattern piece 1 & 2. Next don’t get confused with the direction about the fly front of your blouse, it’s basically the self-facing that folds into the placket they are talking about. It messes with you a bit but once you have your lines marked, you’ll be in good shape.

Knowing what I know now about the sewing process, this project can be sewn up in two days. My favorite feature is the sleeves, they are just so magnificent. The drape falls nicely with this fabric and the colors really give this pattern life.

Breathtaking John Kaldor Paris Fabric

What makes this fabric worth it?

It all comes down to the colors and placement of the flowers. These colors are thoughtfully designed to create a masterful fabric design. Its vibrancy is potent and intoxicating. Each color is rich, powerful, and strong, yet not overbearing. It has just enough brightness & girliness not to knock you out. I’m completely enchanted with this fabric and look forward to work with more of them.

Working with this fabric was a challenge for me, it was tough going for a while. Silky fabric never really wants to stay where you place them and I had no fabric tape to save my life. So I spent the better part of 3 days, completely annoyed with the fabric and ready to give up. In the end, it all worked out, but I just want to give you a heads-up it won’t be easy if you make this shirt with a silk-type fabric.

Texan Styling of the Thea Boho Sleeve

All that’s missing is a cowgirl hat

Oh my! What a fun outfit to put together. A blast is all I can say, when I looked at this blouse instantly I knew it would pair well with bootcut jeans. I loved adding my new boots to pull this look together, it would’ve been a much striking outfit with an authentic cowgirl had and belt. These are a few accessories I’ll be adding to my collection in the near future.

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