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DIY Laundry Room Makeover

Farmhouse Inspired Refresh on Budget!

Today I’m sharing our completed laundry room refresh! It’s such an exciting moment for me. The laundry room is a small closet with one out-of-the-way shelf. With such a small space to work with, I wasn’t sure how it would turn out.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned this refresh and wrote about my plans. We looked at inspiring small laundry rooms from Pinterest. Those makeovers got me jazzed-up as well as heartburn. I had so much doubt, mainly due to the location of the laundry room. It’s sandwiched between the kid’s bedroom and smack in the front of their bathroom.

The room you are about to see is a taste of what I aspire the rest of this house to look like. Meaning, I have lots of decluttering ahead of me. But before all that, let us take a look at some before and after.

Before –

After –

DIY Laundry room refresh

Wreaths hold a special place in my heart. I love what they can do for a space. I wanted to add interest to the doors and the walls around them. In this photo to updates are new wall planters with faux Ivy. On the doors are faux holly berries.

The laundry sign over the doors are from amazon.com. The wall is much more alive than before and gives me a happy feeling.

Closet Style

Before –

Narrow closet laundry room before makeover
Unorganized laundry room before makeover

After –

The space looks very different from the before picture. It’s wild to think how decluttering and organizing can change the entire look of a room. I wanted to make this space functional and pretty at the same time. It’s not as breathtaking as I would like. But I’m just learning my home decor likes and dislikes. So far clean lines with farmhouse-inspired pieces are what I’m going for.

Small changes, big difference

Adding the second shelf

For this DIY refresh, the shelf addition was a big win. It allowed me to have a beautiful display, while still holding essential laundry items. Wanting to stay away from bright colors, I used containers to store my detergents, dryer sheets, and more.

One update, already cruising through my brains is adding a skirt to that shelf. The plugs & drainage for the laundry machine if distracting and I would like to hide that eyesore.

Farmhouse Touches

Whites, Neutrals, & Woven

I’ve sprinkled some whites throughout this DIY project, I love the color because it opens up the space and keeps everything light. The greens and neutral colors help to balance out the whites and add a fresh airyness to the room.

The baskets are the perfect size for extra toothpaste and dryer sheets. I love how this planter breaks the space up and leave just enough white noise. The laundry room has some charm to it now.


Ironing board against the wall

After –

My ironing board is no longer propped up against the outside wall of the laundry room. Thanks to my over-the-door ironing board holder, it’s tucked nicely away in the laundry closet.

Do you have a well-organized laundry room? Is your laundry room a space that brings peace? We all know doing the laundry can and is a pain at times. But if the room gives calming vibes, I know I can get the job done.


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