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How to make life Interesting?

Adding beautiful complications during the tail-end of a pandemic.

It sounds like a bad idea to add complications in order to make your life better. The perspective is although this decision will add an extra layer of work, for the next 12, 13, or 17 years (new pet). It’s a choice and more pleasurable because you are investing in another living being. The new addition while time-consuming is truly a beautiful distraction from all that’s going on in the world.

Red Merle Australian Shepherd Puppy on a boat.

The main photo shows we’ve added a new member to the family. It took us all of 72 hours to decided we couldn’t live without this beautiful Red Merle Australian Shepherd.

Three days before the pandemic pushed the USA into a lockdown status in March of 2020, we picked up our first puppy. Hoot, he’s a Black-Tri Male Australian Shepherd. And the best thing we could have done with the new move to Texas. We’ve always talked about getting a dog, and I’m 100% sure the kids were thinking it would never happen. Naturally, they were speechless, nervous, and excited at the same time.

To be honest, I myself never expected to be a dog owner. I grew up with and love dogs, but my husband didn’t really have a positive experience with dogs growing up. I was in a state of shock when he told me to look into Hoot. Now Hoot’s his sidekick and they enjoy each other’s company.

Hoot is my running partner and now Scarlet will be his companion on runs in the future. We take long walks and hike, the dogs will provide companionship to each other and us.

The Joys of a Pet

Pretty teenage girl holding red merle pup

Once we took the plunge and adopted Hoot, we knew a second pup would be in the mix. However, I was shocked a second time when Brad asked me to look into Fez. We picked her up last week and changed her name to Nona for about an hour, then settled on Scarlet (Hint: Red Merle ). We are looking forward to all the memories we’ll create and the fun adventures that lays ahead.

Children are the most resilient creations. My youngest was petrified of dogs, she would freak out if one looked at her. She was okay with us having a dog, as long as she didn’t have to do anything with it. Once we got Hoot, that all changed. He’s her everything and now she’s on point to take care of him and welcome Scarlet.

Red Merle Australian Shepherd pups held by two sisters

Pets tug at your heartstring, as you can see we have a second pup. This one is Adelynn and we are keeping her for my sister-in-law. She saw our Scarlet and asked us to check if Scarlet’s sister was available. We are now puppy sitting until she visits, as she lives in Iowa.

Our New Australian Shepherd

Cutest panting red merle | Australian Shepherd

Our Tornado Angel

Scarlet is an adorable red merle, with bi-colored eyes, one of which is marbled. She has a gorgeous mottled pattern with shades of red. This girl has lots of spunk and is energy to burn. She gives Hoot a run for his money, she has no concept of size. Clearly, she thinks she’s as big as him. Her personality is very outgoing and it’s nice to see she follows his lead.

What is an Austrailian Shepherd?

The cutest red merle sibbling on the internet

Australian Shepherds are a breed of tough herding dogs from a European breed perfected in California sometime in the 19th Century. Australian Shepherds has a soul-searching gaze, which I love. They are lean, medium-sized working dogs, with lots of energy and amazing personalities. They are magnificent creatures, kind and loving.

Are you a candidate for an Aussie?

Australian Shepherds are high-energy and strong-willed dogs. In my experience, they are truly working dogs and need a task to keep them occupied. I’m new to being a dog owner as an adult, but I feel these dogs want to help you achieve your daily task. Here is a few quality that comes to mind that an Aussie owner should possess.

Three Aussie playing on Living Room Floor
  • An Aussie owner must be a ball of energy themself to keep up with and be the pack leader
  • Have patiences, the owner should be the one training the puppy. Make time to bonding with your pet
  • Take your dog on long walks or runs every day. Once Hoot turned 8 months, I started to take him for morning runs,
  • Give your dog a daily task.
  • An Aussie owner, should not be lazy. This creates an unhappy, undisapline, & cranky pet.

These dogs are very smart and can be trusted with young children. As always, it’s the parent’s responsibility to decide if a small child, can or should be left in a room with an animal. I feel confident with my pet and I know how he’ll act around others.

Three Aussie Pups Playing on The Living Room Floor

Other ways to add Beautiful Complications

Tomorrow’s not promised, try something new!

If you’re not ready for the commitment as a pet owner, here are a few other options:-

  • Sewing – This is a great complication! It takes patience, but the reward is your clothes fits perfectly and you choose your fabric.
  • Running – Another time consuming complication, but its so good for your health and peace of mind
  • Archery – This is such a fun hobby, I’m not good at it but love it and plan to take course next season
  • Art Classes – Definatly (IMHO) a hobby that helps you learn your patience threshold.
  • Tracking – This I find fascinating and goes hand in hand with archery. I would love to learn the basics of a tracker.

These are fun hobbies to consider, they can also be enjoyed as a family for bonding time.


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