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Small Laundry Room Refresh

Why decorate a laundry?

Remodeling a space has always been an exciting task for me as a grown-up, other than sewing. However, after gutting our old house and flipping it, I’m done with busting walls and hauling plaster. I love to decorate, I’m not sure how good I am at it but I enjoy the process. We currently live in a builder-grade rental home and I’ve been itching to embrace and make it feel like a home away from home. I don’t want to spend crazy amounts of cash on this house since we are saving to build our forever home.

With that said, I’m taking the opportunity to figure out my personal homestyle by re-decorating each room. I hope once all the rooms are complete, I’ll have a better idea of my aesthetics as well as what’s functional for my family.

Before Refresh

Here are a few more before photos.

How to decorate on a budget?

Take time to plan your project

Any decision you make, especially those that involves money, you’ll want to do some research and planning. I’ve found Pinterest to be the best place for visual inspiration and google a solid runner-up. Here are a few laundry rooms, which has me excited about this upcoming refresh.

Laundry Room Inspiration 1

I love the wired basket on the top shelf and the natural element with the wood tons. It’s a straightforward decorating theme and not fussy at all.

Laundry Room Inspiration 2

This is definitely a dream room, and I can see a few details that could be added to my space. The glass jars could be an addition to my redecorating plans for my closet laundry room.

Laundry Room Inspiration 3

This is such a powerful space, it’s a room that calls me to do laundry. It’s bright and airy, such a clean space would motivate just about anyone. The simplicity of this laundry room is entreating. I like the use of different basket styles and the tone of the wood stain.

Laundry Room Inspiration 4

This option would be best suited for my space. I have a closet laundry room with limited space. As a family of 5, I’ve to think of how best to use the space while attempting to make it beautiful. I’m really liking the use of varying baskets, they add depth and character to the room.

Five tips to help you stay on track

  • Choose a budget to work with
  • Zero in on what you want the space to achieve
  • Pick one splurge item
  • Include DIY projects
  • Don’t be afraid to thrift

Choose a budget to work with

It’s important to decide how much you can or would like to spend on a project. This is helpful, so you can stay on track regardless if you have money to burn or not. We should always strive to be good stewards of the assets we have been entrusted with.

Zero in on what you want the space to achieve

How do you plan to use the space? Someone might just want to have a room to do laundry and not care how grubby or pretty it looks. For me, I would prefer it to be appealing and functional. This means I’ll find items to achieve this look for the room. It’s hard for me to look at all the various detergent containers, so I know I would like to find alternatives. I don’t mind pouring them into new and pretty jars. Additionally, I understand it will take an extra step when doing my laundry and I’m okay with that.

Pick one splurge item

Although we’re trying not to overspend, I do feel it’s important to add one WOW item or a piece that really ties to space together. I’m pretty sure that I’ve heard the saying “that rug really brings the room together”. I think that can be said for a light fixture, wall art, a portrait, or even baskets.

Include DIY projects

DIY’s are a great way to save extra dollars and add a personal touch to the space. These are the items that hold true worth and show our affinity for a particular project. I’ve found that handmade items are the most cherished of any items added to a remodel or redecorated space.

Don’t be afraid to thrift

Thrifting is a fun way to add unique pieces to your space. They may not always be affordable, you may have to do some haggling but sometimes you can score big. I was never the sort of person to buy secondhand items, I always wanted to buy brand new items. I still do, but I’ve learned the worth and beauty of aged, classic, old, & vintage items.

What next?

Stop by next week and see what I bought

Another tip that should have been included is to slowly accumulate your project items. I’ve know for a week or two that I wanted to work on this refresh. So, every time, I go shopping, I have my project list with and I keep an eye out for items that fit my theme.

Next week’s post will be a bit shorter, as I plan to go in-depth with the YouTube video to showcase items purchased for the laundry room refresh.

I hope these few photos I’ve shared, gets you excited for what’s to come soon. I’m just going crazy with excitement to put this space together. Do you have any summer makeover plans? Are you thrifty shopper or do you prefer brand new items? I would love to know and hear from you!


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