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How to add romance (sweetness) to your Personal Style!

Adding a hit of romance with Prairie Style

What is Cottage Core?

A few weeks ago, I was browsing YouTube and found a very interesting interior decorating video. It was all about how to create a Cottagecore feel to your home. As I got to the end of the video, the presenter shared Cottagecore as it resonates with fashion influence and trends.

Cottagecore was a term I didn’t know existed and I’m sure that I’m not the only one who’s late to the party. I have a desire to share with you what I’ve learned about the Cottage style trend. Along with simple ways to add the trend to your wardrobe. Cottagecore style is all about traditional skills, which are all about cozy, girly, comfortable, nature-inspired pieces. The Lace-up boots are a key part of Cottagecore styling since the trend has a lot to do with roaming the woods.

How does Prairie Style Fit into this trend?

After looking closely at today’s take on the trend, I see much inspiration from the 19th century. Prairie “The style originated as an adaptation of high fashion to the practicalities of rural life in the Western United States. Deep colors and prints were used as they did not show dirt, while decorations were used to update clothing to changing fashions.” [Wikipedia]

The elements of the Victorian era are sprinkled throughout time. We see the prairie style reflect this over the years. With these elements, we find an ever-revolving cycle but the romance it adds to your daily look is breathtaking.

I stay forever interested in all the beautiful dresses, blouses, & skirts, this trend brings our way. I’ve always been a girl that loves dresses and wearing feminine pieces. So for me, this is really nothing new, just a reminder that I can put the jeans away and enjoy the summer.

What does traditional skills mean?

Think about how your grandparents or grate-grandparents may have dressed when they were younger and taking care of the home. Imagine the dresses or apron they would wear while cooking. Even the shoes they may have worn. I like to think about the colors & fabric or prints. For the regular everyday person to have a vivid idea of the styling is key.

Consider a time when people enjoyed having picnics at the park, a simpler way of life! Going for a walk through a field and enjoying nature. All set in a time period 50, 60, or even 70 years ago.

Get excited about homemaking skills like cooking, decorating, sewing, and spending more time in nature. Don’t forget about gardening, & diy projects. It’s so funny that somehow this is a trend now when I’ve been doing it all my life.

Let’s talk fashion

Romantic country or prairie fashion is an aesthetic that embraces simple living. When pulling your outfit together, think about rural living and the practicalities of daily life. I love that it’s cozy and comfortable, imagining myself in front of a fireplace with a blanket knitted by grandma. Or, walking through the orchard picking fruits or a field of berries.

Let’s add romance to your wardrobe?

Romance embraces – smocking, shirring, ruffles, puff sleeves, lace & lace details, along with cozy pieces, which are big themes for this trend. Think of adding Victorian and romantic pieces to your sewing project. I love how tiny additions of trimmings, or the use of eyelet fabric adds the Cottagecore style to your project.

Be Intentional about your outfit.

  1. Add a pretty ditsy print dress to your wardrobe, it can be of dark or light colorway. Add a belt and maybe a headscarf to finish the look granny-style booties
  2. Look for hemlines with ruffle details or ties around the neck + a headband
  3. Add a sweet sweater or cardigan to your outfit. (over your cute dress)
  4. Add a pretty straw-hat
  5. Add a natural element to your accessories, such as a woven belt, wood-tone jewelry

New Prairie Inspired Blouse

McCall’s M8094, the IG hashtag for this blouse is #LolaMcCalls.

For those that have sewn before, this is a fairly simple pattern. No boning is needed to create that sweetheart detail. Boning typically adds a lot of time, so not having to add it, is a plus. I sewed a size 12 and made Version C to get the full Cottagecore Prairie Style effect.

This lovely Storrs London Egyptian Cotton Lawn Fabric in Pink & Green https://bit.ly/3qhWRgZ was gifted by Minerva.com

Minerva continues to have an amazing selection of fabric with the best quality. Today we’ll chat about the lovely Storrs London Egyptian Cotton Lawn Fabric and how I used it to create my Cottagecore look. I made this blouse with the pretty Pink & Green color-way in Egyptian cotton lawn.

What is Egyptian Cotton?

Why would you want to try it?

Egyptian cotton has strong and unbroken yarns, giving your fabric more flexibility. If you have 100% Egyptian cotton, your completed project will feel extreamly soft. Egyptian cotton does not pill after multiple washes. Egyptian cotton

When the fabric arrived and I felt softness, I was excited by its flowing drape. It felt much, like cotton but with a completely lighter weight but not that quilting cotton feel. Sewing was a beautiful process, everything stayed in position nicely. If you don’t like fabric that shifts as you pin or sew then this is for you.

Another thing I love about this fabric is the unique print and the muted colors. I rarely go for this sort of print but found it quite attractive. It’s an eye-catching print, it adds a hint of high-end to my new blouse and I’m satisfied with the overall outcome.

The Blouse

McCall’s M8094 is a regular semi-fitted blouse with a button front. It comes with a shoulder strap, ruffles sleeve, or puff sleeve option. The fabric recommendations are Cotton Blends, Charmeuse, Crepes, & Poplin. Available Sizes A5 (6-8-10-12-14) A5 (14-16-18-20-22)

Feminine and romantic pieces are representations of my personal style. I choose a design that would make me feel all woman and fabulous. This was such a quick make that I was surprised how little effort was needed to sew this blouse. You can complete and achieve this look in one day, which is very exciting.

The one-step that may take a new sewist a little longer to grasp might be the sleeve attachment. Other than that, this is an impactful piece you would want to add to your 2021 wardrobe 


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