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2021 Spring Sewing Color Series – Week 2| with pattern pairing!

My week has been quite busy with many projects dropping on my lap. But these colors are begging to be shown off. If you are love – LOVE and romantic, girly style. These colors shout femininity like none other.

Color Palette and Harmonies

Week 2

Today’s color palette is Enlightenment and it has a fresh, youthful and happy feeling.

This color set puts me in a mood of new beginning, it’s a flower bud unwinding and excited about the prospect of the day. The pieces I see for each color is very romantic and ethereal! Ruffles, statement shoulders and sleeves as well as flounces and gathers.

I would love to see these colors in a checkered style fabric. Isn’t this dress gorgeous and would look fabulous in this colorway?

Pinterest Finds

Here are a few Pinterest inspiration for this happy color set. I just feel these are just the right pieces to get you inspired to create a few new projects.

Inspirations by color

Lets focus on the honest beauty of these colors, with an eye on feminine charm. I see so many beautiful projects waiting to come alive with these colors.

First up is Lead Crystal – This would be a typical trouser go-to color for me, but I would love to see this made into a lace blouse. Paired with dark blue high-waisted jeans and a cognac leather belt.

Lavender is one of my favorite colors, my mood instantly changes to happy when I think of it. I found myself this week watching Fashion TV and was inspired by a few pieces. When I need a fashion fix, I do a google search for romantic blouses or victorian inspired pieces.

The pieces I envision for Prism Pink is all about structured lines within a countryside cottage style.

This shade of blue is so pretty and surprisingly versatile. It’s easily paired with indigos, whites, pinks, yellows, and even red. But maybe I’m giving myself too much credit 🙂 because those are the colors in this palette!

Here are a few mouthwatering pieces to kickstart your creativity.

Pattern Possibilities

Yes, the heading says it all, in this section, I share the most appealing patterns that I would use for the colors we discussed. When looking at these patterns, take a moment to clear your mind. I would normally think on the color and the pattern. Then I start substituting that color into the pattern pictured in my mind’s eye. Links will be included. Really deep, but it’s the best way I can explain my process.

Links to Patterns


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