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Planning for #sewatop 2020

Well, it’s been such a long time since I participated in any sort of challenge, I feel out of place. But the way to get back into a grove is to just do it. This week, I’m planning what pattern to sew for this challenge.

All of a sudden, my day to showcase my make is coming up really quick. Before my nerves get all excited and shutdown, let me show you what I have my eyes on

As you can see from the teaser photos that Burda Style, will be my brand of choice. I can’t help but love their designs. Every magazine so far this year has at least two tops that are winners.

This cotton blouse from the May issue is so dainty and beautiful, it exudes femininity. I love that they paired it with with shorts, it creates a polished well put together ensemble.

The recommended fabric is Lightweight blouse fabric containing or made from viscose-rayon, cotton, & silk.

Gosh! how I love this top. I’m so torn about which one to choose. I know eventually, I’ll make them all. The stressful part is choosing one, hence the reason, it’s being sorted out on paper! The thing that worries me about this one is the fact I don’t typically use cotton eyelet fabric.

However it’s beautiful and definitely a contender

Feast your eyes on this stunning top.

Yes! This is my favorite style – the halter. My signature style would be a halter top and jeans for a Saturday evening! It’s such a breathtaking design. This top could really make it’s way to my sewing table this weekend.

Again with the white pants, I see a theme here and I love them. SO often people run away from white pants. Anyways – I’m a believer that the fabric makes the pattern.

Do you see what I mean? Look at these two tops side by side.

The solid top has a more sophisticated edge, while the patterned fabric has a great feel of relaxation.

My back pocket project

Okay – This pattern is from the August 2020 and I really love the fabric they used. Maybe this is why I’m so intrigue by the design, it such a unique design.

These are my picks for this challenge, I’m hoping to make my decision this weekend and get cracking sewing!

Additional Sweet Inspiration

Here are few other possible patterns to consider if you are joining us.

  1. Butterick B6733
  2. McCall’s M7929
  3. McCall’s M8094
  4. McCall’s M8096
  5. Vogue V9298
  6. Vogue V1798

Be strong my friends, the weekend is coming!


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