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2019/2020 Fall Color Trends |Tying the Trends to your Sewing.

How to add autumnal color to your Sewn Wardrobe

2019 has been an eventful year outside of sewing for me. We’ve completed the remodel of our home and I’m happy with the results. It’s day and night from where we started. Anyhow! enough of that talk. Let’s get down to some serious business. As the color turns to rust and the air is getting crisp – 2019/2020 autumn/ winter trendy colors, is import when planning my projects. Do remember, trends are just that. A fade that’s here today and gone tomorrow. No one is saying you much wear these colors, all I’m saying these are the colors that in and you might want to note it. Just in case you want to try something new.

An Introduction to Panton color.

Panton is the authority on color, they set the popular theme each year!

Pantone provides a universal language of color that enables color-critical decisions through every stage of the workflow for brands and manufacturers.  Leaders throughout a variety of industries look to Pantone to help them define, communicate and control color from inspiration to realization via [About Us].

I’ve seen rich & vivid reds, spicy pumpkin, saffrons (sunset mustards), desert browns, grayish blues, and safari greens.

How I’d incorporate these colors into your sewn wardrobe!

  1. Find fabrics which include 3 – 5 of the colors – Moody (dark) floral and animal prints are on-trend
  2. Sew a power piece, each color is independently strong on its own. A structured blazer would be a nice addition in chili pepper
  3. Many of the colors could be found in plaid fabric. A long pleated skirt with a classic turtleneck is another possible addition
  4. As you can see a few of these trendy colors can be found in animal prints. Since spots are in, these can be made into sexy pencil skirts, breathtaking statement tees (jersey/knit fabric is what I’m thinking of), a cardigan would be another ideal project for this print.
  5. Trousers are a wonderful way to add any of these colors as well, to liven up your next outfit.

Color & Pattern Inspiration

Chili Pepper

Biking Red

Crème de Pêche

Another pattern that would be nice for this color scheme would be McCall’s M7992. I love the fun aura this pattern gives off and the romantic fell making it in creme de peach.

McCall’s M7992

Peachy Pink

Most of you know how much I love dresses, but for this color – I think tops and sweaters are a good change for me. A few sweater patterns, have caught my eyes this season. Here they are, with fabric option following.

I hope these Ready To Sew patterns to my collect, they look super comfy and cozy. These will look just awesome in that peachy color, it will be perfect on walks in the park when they leave turn to that beautiful auburn and yellow.

Itch to stitch Busan sweater, have a very desirable design with that pleated detail on the shoulder and extend cuff. This will definitely add some interest to your typical sweaters.

Aren’t these pairings on point? What do you think? Overall this season’s colors are fantastic rich, inviting and can endure through the winter months.


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