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2019/2020 Fall Color Trends |Tying the Trends to your Sewing Pt. 2

All the colors on-trend has that fall feeling, but this color set has a rusty/dusty punch. I’m finding myself wanting a few new sweaters in each of the solid colors, as well as some dresses in a combination of these colors.

Because last week’s post is the foundation of this series, I’m jumping straight into Pattern Inspiration. It’s a better way to visualize a potential project, so I hope it’s beneficial to you.

Color & Pattern Inspiration

These warm neutral tones are so very inviting, they take me in and all I want to do is get warm and cozy. Hence the reason, I’m excited to pair these with sweaters and cardigan patterns.

Dark Cheddar is a color, I’m not so sure about. It’s one of those things, you’ll have to try before saying Yes or No! At first glance, a turtleneck and brown corduroys would make a striking combination. Another way it could be added would be as a nice print, adding rich browns, green or even gold to the fabric and making a lovely handkerchief or asymmetric hemline dress.

This color is so very much alive and I love that its part of the Fall color. When most are content to wear grays and black [colors I adore] during the cold months here we have Fruit Dove. Coat vibes are what I’m getting from this color. Its that pop of color I want to add to keep my mood happy when I see those rusty leaves falling out my window and when I go shopping!


Another rule of thumb I incorporate when introducing colors into my wardrobe is by adding a new handbag, footwear & accessories. I’m hoping this post ignites excitement when you think about your next sewing project. Do look forward to my next post in this series and have a great day!


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