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What difference does a shoe make?

Stripe Breaker Lace-Up Shoes

Have you ever thought about how dramatic shoes really are? I think as a woman, we really appreciate this. However for men, it takes them a minute to come to this understanding. After last weekend’s trip to Iowa and seeing the impact of a seemingly small change… My husband now sees things in a different light! I’m confident he won’t look at me skeptically for buying new shoes when it will pull the outfit together!

To illustrate this, Brad and I were just knocking about Iowa City, with the kids. We were passing the time, waiting for our niece’s graduation party to start. We visited the nearest mall, and chanced upon Von Maur department store.

Brad wanted a new pair of dock shoes and we found a nice pair of Tommy Bahamas [Stripe Breaker Lace-Up Shoes]. I was taken aback, because as soon as he put them on he said “Wow, the shoes really changed the look of the outfit”. Previously he was of the mindset, a shoe for every occasion. Which basically means, work, running, & church. I’m more partial to shoes for every (almost) outfit, while not being wasteful!

The look on the left shows a simple clean outfit with basic shoes. While the first look isn’t bad, you can see the overall effect of look two is much more tasteful and refined. And just like that, you can take a relatively mediocre look to the next level! Could you image if we switched out the tee for a short sleeved button-up?


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