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Pressed Rose Tone|Stretch velvet & Satin!

Asymmetric Drape Velvet Top

Asymmetric Drape Shirt 01/2019 #113B

Isn’t this print amazing? When I found this fabric, I knew making something simple was the way to go. This pattern features a bateau neckline and deeply set sleeves. A slight asymmetric cut drapes itself to shape beautifully and naturally.

Since this was such a simple make, with no alterations to the fit, there really isn’t much to report. I have nothing more to say other than mastering pattern pairing is key. You have to make the connection between what fabric will work best with your pattern.

I must confess, that I accidentally cut my velvet fabric incorrectly in the beginning. I had to head straight to Joann’s fabric and find a fabric that would have a similar drape and match the print design of the velvet fabric. This blush pink addition has a thin stripes design, with some stretch. For fabric click here

A nice way to complete a simple look is to add visual impact. As you can see the fabric of the top is a WOW and the skirt although a solid color is a WOW as well because of the details.

Ursula Matte Finish Stretch Satin Sateen

Minerva Make|Godet Midi Skirt

Although I’m late to the party when it comes to the popular satin skirt of 2018, I was already preparing to make one for the spring season! Once I received this lovely fabric from today’s sponsors (Minerva Crafts), I was rearing and ready to get sewing.

Sidenote: Satin is not a raw material. It’s a type of weave, constructed by floating several warp yarns across the weft before going under 1 weft thread, and beginning the cycle again. Having fewer interlaces leads to the smooth, shimmering surface we all know and love. This means you can have silk, nylon or polyester satin. It also means if cotton is used to create a satin weave, the fabric produced is Sateen. It’s a bit confusing but just remember satin fabric can only be made from silk!

You can read more about this skirt by clicking here


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