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NEW In Stash | Mood Fabric’s Haul

My first shopping of 2019 was very successful. I took a lot of time to plan this purchase. I focused on fabric that would create beautiful separates that will work well together and within relatively the same color family to ensure versatility in my wardrobe. As I’ve mentioned in a lot of my videos this year, muted pink is one of the key players and I really wanted to inject it into this purchase.

You can definitely see the theme is playing itself out nicely here. With a goal to stay under my budget, I planned on purchasing 5 pieces.

  • 1 Skirt
  • 1 Pants
  • 3 Tops/Blouse

Let’s start of with the fabrics that are a bit heavier and will be my building block.

Dusty Rose Tencel Twill

I love quality fabric, not because it’s pricey. You can find many good fabrics, that won’t break the bank. What I mean is, is it worth your time to sew and will it look great after a year of washing? When I opened the package and saw this fabric, I knew it was worth it. The feel is unbelievably soft with a lovely drape. It will be ideal for a trouser, yet that’s not the purpose of the purchase. It would make a great Trench Dress or Wide-leg trouser. I have high hopes to make McCall’s M7906

Pantone Color 15-1607 TPG
Color Dusty Rose
Fabric Width 55″ (139.7cm)
ReorderableYes – Reorderable


If I ever wanted to make something and feel safe doing it, this would be the color and fabric. This can create a very powerful suit, but for me I love the structure. It has good recovery and the adaptability of this as a trouser in my wardrobe is a plus. Because the color is neutral, it will go the distance through the seasons. It would be cozy paired with a chunky turtleneck and exquisite with a sike blouse in the spring.

Pantone Color 19-0417 TPG
Content 98% Cotton, 2% Spandex
Color Kombu Green
Fabric Width 56″ (142.24cm)


Gosh! I am really liking this dust brown red of this fabric. It truly has  vintage appeal. Again this color and all that I’ve chosen can be made into pieces for all year wearing. It’s a good option for tanks, tees and knocking around town basic pieces. The 4-way stretch is perfect for lounge wear and fluid drape is ideal for everyday essential.

Pantone ColorP 56-12 U
Content Rayon, Spandex
Color Mauve
Fabric Width 58″ (147.32cm)


The Cali-inspired knits is ideal for that overarching comfort look and feel that I’m aiming for. It has an extremely light and airy hand. If your making a top, be mindful that its semi-sheer and consider wearing really good under garment. Below are some inspo I would consider making with this one in particular. Slouchy sweaters and easy breezy tops are other great option. If you need casual chic style, this is a perfect match.

Pantone Color 2440 CP
Content 96% Polyester, 4% Spandex x
Color Dusty Mauve
Fabric Width 58″ (147.32cm)


If you want to add really nice basics that can pair nicely with current and future makes, this Mocha Ribbed Sweater Knit can do just that. The unique feature of this fabric is that it’s heathered, which isn’t common for most ribbed. This adds depth to your project and will elevate a simple tee into a designer tee. Using a textured fabric such as this will add a slightly dramatic feel to your wardrobe year round. You can use as a base and layer for the changing season. If a tee a simple blouse is made, you can add a cardigan for warmth and style.

Pantone Color7615 CP
Content 97% Polyester, 3% Spandex
Color Mocha
Fabric Width 53″ (134.62cm)

Happy Sewing my friends! I am so excited to share my makes, with that said I better get cracking at the machine. See you in a few weeks when I’ll share my love Look Book!


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  1. February 20, 2019 / 12:32 am

    Great stuff. That Mcalls 7750 is a fantastic top. I can’t wait to see you model it. Enjoy!

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