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2019 Day and Night Challenge// One Dress Two Looks!

Wow, It’s year 3 of the Day and Night Dress Challenge. It’s always a pleasure to take part in this great project. Every year Elizabeth showcases amazing talent throughout her challenge.

Visit Elizabeth’s Blog to read my post here.

I always enjoy this challenge, it’s fun to create two looks as we embark on a New Year! What I like about the twist this year, is really looking at your wardrobe and choose an unloved or dress you’ve hardly worn.

Location, location, location

With the weather being a big issue, I spent a few days looking for the perfect location. Currently I’ve just about 5 feet of snow outside, all my favorite places to go are covered in snow or have turned into ski rinks. That’s when I remembered Avalon Flowers, on of the local florist I’ve worked with in the past.

They saved the day when I asked if I could take some photos and shoot videos. I learned they’ve been in business for over twenty years and at their current location for 8 years (Down Town Eau Claire, WI). They offer floral arrangement classes and have lovely home accent pieces.

The Chosen Dress

The McCall M7745 was one of the top pattern in 2018. I took a look at the tag on Instagram and it’s been posted 252. I’ve also seen quite a few people add it to their future makes. I really wanted to sew this pattern because it looks like such a ready to wear piece. I’ve had this dress in my wardrobe for about 6 or 7 months and haven’t worn it yet. Timing has a lot to do with why I haven’t worn this dress. I live in west-central Wisconsin and our winter is brutal. Typically Fall begins in mid September and the opportunity to wear it truly only happened because of this challenge.

Polished, Textured, Balanced and Beautiful – My Signature Style

A Comfy Mid-Western Day

A typical day for me is all about comfort, while still staying stylish. I work from home, and more often than not; living in a very cold climate has enough challenges of its own. Now throwing in a vacation style dress in the middle of blizzard season presents a problem. How to take this dress and create a day look that will prove to be cozy, smart enough for my in-home office and perfect for an impromptu visit to the mall or grocery on my lunch break. I felt really challenged because this dress is extremely summery.

The idea of creating a look that would take me through the day, didn’t come easy. I know most people would make a cardigan or jacket to accompany this piece. It was one of my options, I even considered making a turtleneck. But the more I looked at the dress, I really starting feeling the cozy sweater was the item to make for this look.

I really wanted to create a snugly mid-western look. Something you might see in early Fall or Spring. I’ve made BurdaStyle 11/2012 Style 128, three times before a slightly oversized pullover sweater. It’s the perfect pattern to deliver my day look. I used a very cozy pink fleece fabric from Joann’s. To complete the look, I added my caramel boots and some dainty jewelry.

Moonlight Rose Night Out

Gosh! I was worried about this look, the main dress fabric wasn’t evening or special occasion. The quality is fine, just not suited (imo) for an evening look. This was a simple design, a self-drafted stole, to compliment my dress. The punch this stole adds is just fabulous. It’s all about the fabric, the textural effect adds evening appeal to the look.

I used leftover special occasion fabric from Joann’s and stretch satin for the back. It’s a pretty blush brown/pink fabric. I think the stretch of the satin, works well with the flexibility of the black. To lock this look down, I switched up my lipstick, changed to strappy heels and switched up my jewelry.

I’m totally committed to making more pieces that pair well with what I currently own. The challenge has given me more insight into trying new looks, and finding ways to create a blended look that may included pieces that you typically don’t wear together. Sort of like Athleisure!


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