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Sophie’s Floral Freya

Now, who hasn’t heard of “The Freya Sweater & Dress” from Tilly’s & The Button’s book? I’m a sucker for sewing books, especially those about knits. Sewing knits are my favorite fabric to use, mainly because you can start and finish a project in a day.

One of my sewing priorities was increasing the number of projects for the kids. Sadly the outcome was poor on that front, and they were lucky to get these by the end of the year. It’s uncommon for me to sew for the kids, I’m a selfish sewer 🙂 But, how can I teach kids about love and sharing, by being so selfish with my hobby :). I decided to make the Freya dress for Sophie, she claims her skin is sensitive and pretty much everything itches her.

Isn’t this one of the best festive fabric you can find? This floral stretch panne velour [click here for fabric] has the softest hand. It’s a directional velour, so you would have to buy more depending on the design of your pattern. The last time I worked with velour, I vowed I would never use it because it emitted so much fluffy I swear I died by suffocation.

Overall this was a zippy project, not much to say other than the design and fit was on point. The instructions as usual is a winner, with clear directions and multiple photos for visual learners. Freya comes with a roll neck and cowl neck design as well as many hacking ideas to create your own personalization.

Sophie really likes the pattern and has requested a few more. With the remainder of the fabric, I made a sleeveless top and I’m also working on a Frankie T for her.

The total cost of this project was approx $23.74. I picked up the fabric on sale $8.25, used the book 3 /$29.99 calculating the cost per use and threw in in a buck for thread.

  • Fabric $12.75
  • Book $9.99 ($29.99/3 (usage))
  • Notions $1.00


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