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New Year, New Perspectives in 2019

Welcome back to my blog! It’s so nice to finally sit down and focus on my sewing, blogging and creating memorable YouTube videos for this glorious year. I have many plans, hopes and aspiration for 2019. Some big dreams and stepping stone goals.

2018 was filled with roadblocks, self-doubt and low self-esteem! Yes, I too am plagued with the feeling of insignificance and a major case of “Who do you think you are” “Does anyone what to hear you” or the feeling of being completely and utterly useless. Other big issues were the fact that my house is in a complete disarray from the renovation, which was the death of my sewing mojo. With that said, I still don’t have the ideal sewing set-up but the plan is to just do it and be consistent.

My blank canvas starting now will be a fresh approach, building on ideas when I first started this journey. I love sewing and that’s what I want to do. I don’t want to be weighed down with timelines, it hinders my creativity


Pattern Testing | As much as I love to support independent sewing brands, I’ve decided not to pattern test this year. Maybe next year I’ll put myself out for testing opportunity, but for now I’ll take a step back. At this time it’s an unnecessary baggage. To be honest I don’t really need more patterns. Trust me I’ll buy a new pattern if it tickles my fancy. I just don’t need all the self-inflicted drama of testing patterns. I find myself stress out or being really worried I won’t make the deadline. Plus I’m all about a well balanced wardrobe.

Fabric Choices| Lately I’ve been wanting something new, more variety with my fabric selection and higher quality material. To my surprise, I found that working more with solid colors is the answer. I’ll be practicing add fabric with less design this year. It’s a major change because I love patterned fabric. I’ve noticed that solid fabric add mileage to your wardrobe, and that’s key to my new approach.

Signature Style| I’ve been through perils trying to figure out what on earth is my signature style. At times, I can be a wild child wanting abundant color in my life, extremely edgy style, other times I’m the complete opposite wanting more of a calming casual style. I’ve decided that most of the time, I truly appreciate a more refined look, with wacky Wednesday days thrown in there! And I’m alright with that.


The crux behind my sewing this year will be creating collections with emphasis on quality. Slow and clean sewing, working on meaningful projects that will bring my wardrobe together in a cohesive balance of color and functionality. It sounds pretty good right! Well! I’m still ironing out the application of that moto to my projects. I’ve started working on my first collection. Well basically, I’m just in the planning stage. As you can see, the below are essential pieces. They will be the building block for my wardrobe.

  1. Blazer : This would be quite versatile in Pantone’s Forest Biome. The earthy tone is perfect for completing a dress ensemble.
  2. Camisole: These are great addition to a sheer shirt or silk blouse. Pantone’s Stormy Grey and Twill are perfect, I would even consider Lively Coral as a pop of color under a shirt.
  3. Silk Shirt: These are great paired with jeans or skirts for the office. Pantone’s Martini Olive, stormy gray, & twill are knockout options.
  4. Midi Skirt: I’m starting to love this length of skirt and would love to have a few in Living Coral, Mauvewood, & Beluga! I hardly sew separates, so I’m looking forward to these projects.
  5. Trousers: The addition of these in my wardrobe will be a dramatic change, but one I welcome. Any of the Focal Point colors would be a nice and versatile addition to my wardrobe.

These five pieces will be the core of my collection, working with Pantone 2019 color palette for my neutral’s fabrics. You may notice my overall aesthetics will be more polished going forward. I’ve always wanted to be a little classier but felt with my crazy schedule and working from home, it was a waste of time. I mean really, why do we hesitate? With one life to live, plus I’m not getting younger, I’ll just do it!

Mix, mingle, & socialize

YouTube |You all know this is my jam, next to sewing videography is my happy place. I’ll be more consistent this year as well as organizing myself to set recording schedule. My official drop day will be Sunday, if I miss that deadline then catch up will be posted on Tuesdays. Any extra or bonus videos will be posted Thursdays.

Blogging |As with my YouTube channel, I want to do a better job of consistency on this platform. Obviously having a plan with organization will be key, I’ve been jotting down a few topics for the month. I read somewhere if you can do anything for 21 days straight, you’ve created a habit. 🥂 to 21 days!

Social Media  |My engagement in 2018 was atrocious across the board from IG all the way to YouTube. Extra effort will be placed on my IG feed, posting my plans and progress photos. With a minimum of 3-4 post per week, I may even post on IGTV.

I really appreciate all the love and support I get via social media. I’ve always used the support as creative fuel. It must have been an emotionally draining year, because I felt to love but still could not be motivated in 2018. Trust me I’m back, motivated and channeling all that energy into “The Twilight Stitcher”.


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