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Izzy’s Red Dress |Simplicity 8380 by Cynthia Rowley

This is a shocker to the blog, right! I’ve completed a selfless sewing project. Well to be honest, I’ve made two dresses one for Izzy and Sophie as Christmas gifts. They had an amazing time getting pictures take, don’t forget to checkout the accompanying mini look-book.

Here is the back story of Izzy’s dress. I had already planned to make a dress for her after months of nagging. The perfect opportunity had to show itself, also I’ve been wanting to sew more for the kids. Christmas seem to be a good time to start.

Okay! on to the story. Izzy saw the fabric on the table and once the dress was complete, she said” Hey, mom you should really give that to me, I really like it”. I told her sorry girl, it’s mine. How about I make you a green dress :). Let me just insert “eye roll” here. That eye roll, got her a few days of being shut-door about the dress.

Finally I took it off the dress-form and wrapped it. She later asked me mom, where’s the dress? It’s too short for you, you should really give me that dress. The next day I had to run into the office, when she asked me about it – I lied and said the dress is gone. I felt so bad, and almost told her about it. I’m such a mean mom!

She was a raving banshee when she opened it up on Christmas morning. You’re such a meanie mom LOL! I totally got her, but next year the projects will be done when they are not around. It was just so hard to keep it together without spilling the beans.

I sewed her the size 12, with no adjustments, the fit is perfect! This was a velvet jacquard fabric from Joann [Click Here for similar]. The pattern features a bodice & one-shoulder blouse & dress with banded waist, peplum for the top or 1/2 circle skirt.

The dress is cut nicely and sewing up was a breeze. I would add this to a quick sew list, even with a side zipper included in the design. Recommended fabric includes, double knits, interlock, jersey & ponte.

If simplicity (no pun intended) is your thing when it comes to sewing, this pattern is a great option. I was surprised with the speed it took for it to come together. I would love to see this in a blush pink or a ivory & lace overlay, it would be breathtaking!

The total cost of this project was approx $22.97.

  • Fabric $19.98
  • Pattern $1.99
  • Notions $1.00

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