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2019 Trends You’ll Love Sewing! Tying the Trends to your Sewing.

While researching for the 2019 #springsewingcolorseries, I kept finding all these trends and decided to share the trends video first and then come out with the color series. So today, I aim to share my thoughts on the 2019 fashion trends and how to tie it into your sewing.

There are many trends that come in and out every season. What I’ve notice is within trends you’ll find sub-trends in each category. If your interested but unsure you can inject those that appeal to you subtly touches.

Here are the trends which I feel are the most wearable in everyday life. Obviously, I could be way off my rockers but I’ll give it a go by sharing with you.

  • Warm Rose/Brown Tone
  • Knife Pleats
  • Delicate Detail (Lace, Rushing, Bow)
  • Puffed Sleeves
  • Crafty/Artsy Pieces (Tie-Dye, Macrame, etc)
  • Trims/Fringe (Western Style)Prints
  • Other (Sequins, Prints Galore & Neon)

Warm Pink Tones

Since Pantone dropped the 2019 color trend we all saw and knew that Living Coral will make your wardrobe pretty. I love this color on the lighter end of the spectrum. However, I’ve seen so many pieces in that beautiful rosy pink tone, somewhat of a beige color or sandy pink. This color is one of my favorite. I will look fantastic in skirts, dress, delicate blouse, trousers, etc.

Knife Pleats

These pleats are just fantastic, I love how much depth they can add to your project and it was interesting that your not limited to skirts with this trend. It would be nice to see how this trend will be injected into the department stores. If your intrested in how to make these pleat, all you have to do is a google search. BurdaStyle has a few downloadable patterns that would work great for this trend.

Delicate Details

Romantic styles are still going strong, there has been lots of ruching, full lace dresses & additions of bows and ruffles. This is particuly my favorite, the bow will have to grow on me but I would add it to my wardrobe with headband or possible on the neckine.

Puff Sleeves

I’m not a fan of puff sleeves, but I would consider it, because it does have a romantic feel and I would love to see how it would look on me. Growing up my puff sleeves always fit tight around the arms and I could never relaxed. I’m guessing I’ve been scared by that episode. As enormous as the ones on the runway looks, I’m pretty certain once they hit the department stores they will shrink significantly.

Crafty/Artsy Pieces (Tie-Dye, Macrame, etc)

Not sure about these, I do like tie-dye and crochet. I’m not 100% sold on this trend with my overall sewing goals. I would love to create timeless pieces to represent this trend, but I doubt it will happy this year. Having a tie-dye shirt with an amazing trouser and a blazer might be a kick- (A@$) look.

Trims/Fringe (Western Style)Prints

I love this trend, from the boots to the hat, all the way to the long flowing skirts and suede. This is such cool rustic style, that I’m willing to embrace and make a way to keep it crisp and polish.

Other (Sequins, Prints Galore, & Neons)

If you’re into bling and statement pieces, these are the trend for you. I can see some of these making their way into my life in small increments, namely jewelry and accessories. But I will take a swing at the prints galore, because although it could go insanly wrong, the potential is there for an outstanding look. Here is what the catwalk looked like for the 2019 Spring season.

I enjoy the opportunity to share my musing over fashion and tying the trends to our Sewing Room!

Images [ALL FASHION IMAGES VIA www.vogue.com/fashion-shows]


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