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NINALEE London Piccadilly

Earlier this year, I was selected to pattern test this lovely Pajamas. I’ve never made a Pj’s before, so I was excited to get my hand on this pattern and try it.

The Piccadilly Pajamas is an elegant nightwear set with oriental accents. It features a Mandarin collar and gently curving hems. There are two version in this pattern, the first comprises of shorts and a cap-sleeved shirt; while version 2 has cropped trousers and a shirt with three-quarter length sleeves.

Each pajama bottoms have a flat-front waistband with an elasticated back, then a decorative ribbon tie at the front. These PJ’s are relaxed yet stylish, they make the perfect lounge wear for anyone that loves to sit back and enjoy a good book or movie.

I’ve had this lightweight cotton fabric from Joann’s for two years. Once I saw this pattern, I knew it was the perfect fit. An important step in my sewing project, is how user friendly a pattern is, there is very clear instructions in this pattern. 

Another factor is how well the PDF align when printed, I have to say this each pattern lines up perfectly. I’m the sort of person that would print a page once more to ensure they line up correctly. 

Sewing these was such an enjoyable experience, I really love how the fit was on point, I made the size 10 and it fits so comfortably. The binding on the sleeves and hem of the shorts are just beautiful, because you can jazz it up a plan pajamas with funky binding. The ribbon in the waistband is another opportunity to add contrast. Oh! lets not forget the fancy heart shaped pockets!

Overall this is a great make, and would highly encourage you to try!


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