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SpringSewingColorSeries | Back to Basic!

Back To Basics


Can you believe this is the final week of the color series? Wow! It’s always fun to dive into a project like this and work with an amazing company like Minerva Crafts. They have been awesome and you as well my fabulous supporters.

What do you think about when you hear someone say “Back to Basics or I’m going back to basics”? I think automatically we see the foundation, the start, step 1, etc. That’s what I want to share with these colors. Yes each color can be made into a wonderful day dress, shirts, blazers or a trouser. And that would be everyone thought, those are basic pieces.

I’m challenging myself, to step out of my comfort zone and really look at these colors, my chosen theme and how it applies to life. Let’s talk about foundations pieces and maybe I’ll move into some core pieces.


Not your usual underpinning (A solid foundation laid below ground level to support and strengthen a building.). My thoughts behind this definition are to strengthen and support ones natural assets. Foundation garment is the key to a better fitting garment. I’m not a professional in any way, shape or form. But I do know, even if you’ve made adjustment to your pattern for fit. The proper under garment will make a world of difference, with regard to the smoothness of how your outfit looks. They minimize waves, lumps, & bumps.

I’ve been considering crafty’s Bra’s, Panties, Lingerie, & Shapewear classes. I’ll add to my Fall Hobby studying material.


Fabric Options

I hope the Underpinnings sections has nudged you the right way. If it hasn’t, why don’t look inspiration pieces, with the weekend in mind! Still concentrating on the foundation aspect, let’s keep some of them solid as we look. I hardly ever make solid pieces, but they truly make your wardrobe versatile. Allowing you to mix & match without having too many clashes. Also if you really want to keep things simple on the weekend, the below with shorts are great options.

  • White Button Down
  • Camis 
  • Tees Short or long sleeve (your choice scoop, round or v-neck)

Let’s just skip trousers for Sailor Blue (it’s such an obvious choice), I want to soften this up by focusing on sweet dresses, simple but memorable blouses. The lace dresses are for effect, if you want to make a statement.

The same can be said about Harbor Mist, but I would love to see this as a full or boxed pleated skirt. Trousers are so overrated for this color. We can always color block Sailor Blue/Harbor Mist to make a fun weekender dress.

Warm Sand has its day in the sun, with just about any pattern. Trousers, Jackets, shorts, capris. My eyes are set on dresses.

I love the look of mixing coconut milk to add some drama, with the other colors in the palette. How about adding lace as an overlay on dresses? We can find unique designs that will shout simplicity as well as details.

This coconut milk is such a refreshing color. Obviously white is hard to do, it’s a complicated color because you can’t make a mistake without it showing. There is always something ethereal about a white flowing dress.

The following pieces are just perfect for the weekend. I love being comfortable and relaxed on weekends. Great pieces ready to run to the market,mshopping, or the movie at a drop notice. These would all look classic in this weeks color palette.

Finally, we’ve made it to the end. Week 4 prize is

Week Four Prize



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