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SpringSewingColorSeries | Going to A Party!

Going to A Party! 

Yes! I said it, I’m ready for a Spring Party. Last week we looked at the first palette from Pantone. The colors this week are so vibrant and energetic, full of life! It’s always a challenge to come up with usable content. I like Meadowlark, but maybe most of you dislike it with a passion.  The thing is, you don’t have to follow all I say and I too have to remember you may not like what I share. My goal in this post is sharing what I would wear to a spring party based on these colors. Helping you to try something new! 

These four colors are very vivacious, and I can honestly say that I feel a lot of Spanish Inspired pieces. Full skirts, high-waisted skirts, and lots of ruffles. Lace and more lace would be my go to. Black would be a nice contrast to the multitude of Meadowlark (yellow), Cherry Tomato (red), & Chili Oil (brick).

I have to say I love Sarah Jessica Parker look. Cherry Tomato would be the perfect color pairing for that one.  Do you feel those inspirations was a bit much for you, well these maybe a little more palatable. 

I know not everyone may like yellow. It can be an hmm color, but there are ways it looks Good. I have no problem with the color and actually really like yellow. I think it’s BAM color, not everyone can carry it but as always try it in small doses. Jewelry, scarf or a watch, maybe even a headband. I would go for a skirt, the skirt I have in mind are full and midi or maxi.

Fabric Suggestions

Little boy blue can clearly be a color that ooze sexiness. I love using the foundation of men’s shirt and incoporating an edgy women’s touch. Finding patterns with lots of femininity isn’t hard, the trick would be the fabric choice. Since this is typically a boys color we would go for stripes and gingham, but play on the fit.  

Men’s pieces are always structured, hence the reason this shirts are redesigned to keep the men’s foundation but they have traits of women’s appeal. The off-shoulder, cold shoulder, open back, lace inserts etc.

This spring party has a second starting with a deconstructed men’s shirt. I just can’t get enough of those off-shoulder shirts. They are pushing the envelop but really adds a punch to your wardrobe.

As the creator of #thelittlereddressproject you know, I love Red. I’ve been hosting the challenge on my YouTube Channel and Instagram since 2016.  I am a fan of this tone, it’s a fantastic color that works well for a casual day look and stunning at night.

A spring party is another great way to showcase your styling talent. Thinking about pairing these  colors together, little boy blue can add some sophistication to Cherry Tomato. I find myself really loving the combination of checks and patterned fabric. 

These are wonderful inspiration pieces, for spring parties you really want to be comfortable. Having light weight dresses or rompers are great. A nice  midi skirt or A-line with a soft blouse can really make hanging out enjoyable, especially if you are using a blod color. 

Here in the Midwest the weather is a constant challenge, layering is still key up till late May (early June). As much as we want to think it’s full on spring, having a cardigan near is important. 

Do you think of a brick house when you see this color? I sure do, it took me a minute to really see beyond that and how I could work with it. It just kept reminding me of terracotta pots :), but with a lot of patience  Meadowlark is speaking to me for this pairing.

I’m sure it’s not everyone’s first choice but I like it. Just visualize for a moment. I can definitely see the little boy blue making an appearance but to add a pop of color Meadowlark is king!

As you can see, my choice for chili oil are bottoms. I like the balance it will give an outfit. Although it’s a neutral, it has a little kick. And using anyone of the color is this palette for blouses, depending on hue will make all the difference in the world yuck and wow (imho). 

With that said we are on to Week 3 of the series Let’s Take A Break! Leave a comment telling me what is your favorite color in this palette for a chance to win these fabulous prizes from Minerva Craft.

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