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SpringSewingColorSeries | Welcome Spring

Color color color!

2018 is showing itself to be a rampaging beauty with many sides. At times the colors demand respect, other times being wrapped up is all you want to do with the gorgeous shades, and then there are times when clean lines are necessary.

Pantone has spoken, Ultra Violet is the color of the year and I think it’s the perfect heir to the Color Throne. For the past two years the colors have been royal ones and this year is no disappointment.
Although Rose Quartz wasn’t exactly a royal color, it does give a feeling of splendor. Most royal color fall near the deep blue family, but there are other shades like Emerald Green, Royal Purple and Burnished Gold (Rich and Vibrant).

There are a total of 16 colors for 2018, 12 are wow, & oh my, while the last four are classic and clean. Over the next few weeks I’ll share four colors every week and how I would pair them, with regard to fabric and patterns.

Ultra Violet

So I did lots of googling and found some recommendation of how to wear Ultra Violet. Pantsuits are one way we see this color being worn. Although an entire violet pantsuit might be much for some people, the individual pieces they would be awesome. The patterns that comes to mind is Named Clothing’s Aava Tailored Blazer and Tyyni Cigarette Trousers. These would make an outstanding pantsuit.

I’ve  always felt that Violet would be a great color for pants, jeans, & trousers. How awesome would it be to make the Ginger Jeans or Sasha Trousers in this color?

Fabric Suggestions


Now who wouldn’t want to have some divine pieces made in this color for their spring wardrobe? Grace and movement inviting you to dance with the bellowing beauty of Arcadia. Here are some pieces that would look great in Arcadia! But first, where would dream of being in this color? I would love to be relaxing on a chaise lounge on a paradise island with good food.

I love dresses and all my energy are feeling them. These inspirations have been filled with morning sunshine and smiles.

After satisfying myself with eye candy, these patterns are great options to work with!

Fabric Suggestions

Blooming Dahlia

Romantic, dreamy, and subtle. Blooming Dahlia packs a lot of sophistication with easy, breezy flow. This is surely one of the challenging colors in this set. Why would I say that? Well because it’s has such a sweet undertone, that some may overlook it. I know this can truly be romantic, but it can also be crazy edgy. This is a color I’d love to toughen up, no Pride & Prejudice silhouettes.

The challenge here would be finding the color in faux leather, heavier bottom weight fabric and those that will keep structure. You can go the route of dyeing, painting or overlaying to get the desired effect. It’s no walk in the park but with enough determination the fabric and color pairing can be achieved.

These pieces are typically what I would go for with this color! They are fresh and trendy, but still my style. Obviously you can water these designs down to your specific taste. The main focus is the find foundation (the core structure you are willing to try) you can work with and push the boundaries a little.

These designs would be lovely in Blooming Dahlia. The most unthinkable but shockingly awesome Jackets.

Here are interesting designs, which allow the mixing of rougher, tougher colors and/or texture to the soft and romantic Blooming Dahlia!

Fabric Suggestions

Pink Lavender

Wrapping up this first week of colors is Pink Lavender. It’s a seriously sweet color. The root of all whimsical element, Pink Lavender glows for a spring of passion. If you are not an ultra violet person, maybe you are more partial to the subtle version.

These dresses are classic looks; that will play on the free spirit essence of the shade. They are great options if sweet designs are your thing. I love pieces that are effortless and Pink Lavender is that. It’s an effortless color, very freeing. I find myself thinking about open fields and flowing dresses. Look at these fun inspiration dresses, I think they would look fabulous.

This sweet blushy  version of Lavender is perfect for comfortable top and detailed dresses. Their is nothing more satisfying than knowing, a color will make you feel happy. 

Fabric Suggestions

Thanks for visiting, don’t forget to check out the companion video. I can’t wait to chat with you next week, I hope you’re ready for Spring Colors Pt.2  – Going to Ah PartyThis week coupon code is : 

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