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2018 November Makes | Better Late Than Never! | RunningNStyle

It really has taken me a long time to write this post. I need to do better, procrastination could be my demise. All these pieces were sewn in November and I finally had the time to record in late December. Mainly because although December was really cold, the last week was by far the sunniest. I really had to bite it and get outside, but enough of that. Let’s take a look at these makes.

The first make I want to share is BurdaStyle 11/2012 Style 128. This is a simple make and can be made in an hour or less. I love knit pullover, it is easy to wear.  The V-neckline is flattering and hem bands add an addition depth to a basic piece. One thing I must mention with this make is that, I forgot to add the 5/8 seam allowance to my sweater. So when you look at the neckline it’s more of an oval than v-neck.

 I picked up this lovely grey varsity club quilted knit at Joann’s . This was really great purchase, the feel and weight is amazing. I may have to stock-up for next seasons sweaters. The coral jeans was used to add a little pop to the outfit. 

This charcoal grey version is my favorite and my most worn piece of the month. In this version, I opted to remove the hemband. I feel like this keeps the sweater more classy. 

Luckily with this version, I did add the 5/8 inch seam allowance. Can you see how nicely that neckline lays, flattering in every way.

Lately I’ve found that I love green, you know that rustic green? The one that seams to have some percentage of black in it. I didn’t find that exact color I was looking for, yet I still love this fabric from Joann’s. Key details on this dress i the neckband, cuff and hemband. If you notice my cuff is a slightly different color, that has a lot to do with me dying  ribbing. I can’t believe I was scared to try this, playing with dye is fun.

This green dress is one of the warmest I’ve made for the winter and was blown away by how fast it came together. Living in Wisconsin with such frigid temperatures makes, you dresses like this if you’re a dress wearing sort of girl 🙂 

Lastly, I made the new Dressy Talk Sweater! First off let me apologize for the state of the sweater, its a bit creased  from running back to the car because it was so windy. This is an amazing pattern, very cute and fresh. I love the ruffles, at first I was a little bit nervous about them. Would the ruffles compliment me or not, it turned out perfect. As always Dressy Talk instructions are on point and easy to follow. 

Gosh, it was so cold for this shoot! Anyway, the green fabric for the main body of the sweater has been in my stash for about 4 years. How it worked so nicely amazed me, I’m really happy with it. I must admit that the sewing process was smooth and I was quite happy that every pattern piece aligned properly. 

It was a successful sewing month, I didn’t record my last two pieces but it was just to cold. I will share those in a future post.


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