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#thelittlereddressproject : Hostess Reveal

On Christmas Eve I revealed my red dress for #thelittlereddressproject. A holiday sewing challenge which was first started in 2016. This year has been phenomenal, I was lucky to have several wonderful sponsors (Click Here), whom I’m most grateful for and wonderful co-host in Rosa of Sewn. 

The Little Red Dress Project, is a fun challenge to encourage sewers to make a red dress to celebrate the holiday season. This year was just amazing, there have been so much interests in the challenge, I can’t wait to see what next year will bring. I will announce winners on 1/7/2017 via Instagram.

My project this year ended up being a BurdaStyle dress from the November 2016 Issue Style 144. It’s a tea time dress, with sweetheart neckline and bracelet length sleeves.


 I continue to be excited about the quality of Burda’s instructions these days. For this project, I had some lovely satin and stretch lace. The bodice was pretty straightforward, I used my lace as an overlay. To allow free movement of the sleeve and less bulk, I only used the lace instead of overlaying that pattern piece.  Some of the modification, I did was to slightly invert the sweetheart curve and add 2 inches to the waist. The original design had a gathered skirt, but I decided to add pleats to mine. I felt it was the best option because of the fabric. To me satin fabric always wants to be structured and formed vs draped and flowing. 

All the drama in this dress has to do with the bodice and once you completed that its smooth sailing. I definitely feel that the glittery lace, made this dress dazzle along with those tiny buttons. All the hems were hand stitched for subtlety and neatness.

One thing I wanted to mention was how cold it was. I tried all week to get these photos taken, but it just wasn’t working out. Either it was overcast, snowing or a mix of rain and snow. Finally, the Eve of Christmas Eve came and it was just sunny and glorious, but horribly cold (real feel) was ridiculous -18. I’m thinking I would do it again because all the photos turned it amazing. Although my husband and I are amateur, we seem to produce some quality work.


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