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August Sewing Digest | The Attack of Tilly’s Agnes + some

The weekend is finally here! Do you have any sewing plans? I do, and plan to make good on them. But for now, here is a look at my August Makes. I seriously put Tilly’s Agnes, through a rigorous process for my now tried and true square neckline, modification. If you’re interested click here for Video Pattern Reveiw!

This was my first attempt hacking the neckline. As you can see it has that horrible pointy shoulder. Immediately started thinking of ways to remedy the situation. I am still working on creating a smooth transition for the shoulder to eliminate that point.

This coral top was more successful. Instead of the square back, I opted for a rounded back. This got rid of the point at the shoulder, but I need to figure out how to apply it to the back square neckline.

I had to take break from all this modification, so I made an original Agnes using the remaining of my pink metallic fabric. It was the perfect combination, to add a twist to the overall design. 

This fabric seriously brings the design to life, the way it sparkles in the sunlight! Don’t you think?

My final Agnes was made of well-structured knit with great recovery. I honestly think it’s important to always purchase the best quality of knit/jersey fabric you can afford. It’s the only way to give your custom sewing a ready to way look. 

My last two makes for August was all for Sophia. The fabric was sponsored by SewingPortfolios.com and Michael Miller Fabric. This little lady is very particular about her clothing so I had to go over every part of the project with her. I have a full review here

With the leftover fabric, I made a double layer skirt for Sophia and paired it with the leftover of my white Agnes fabric. She likes this skirt as well and has worn it often.

August was a successful month for me in terms of mastering the banded square neckline. For September, I have some serious projects (Jacket, Jeans, & Cardigan). I look forward to sharing my next makes with you all.



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