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A Pale Addiction| Pantone’s Pale Dogwood

Pantone 2017| Pink Dogwood

Who wouldn’t want to be in the know of all things fashion and style? Even if you don’t feel the trends speak to you. Having a general understanding of the top colors for the season is a great way to test the waters of High Fashion. You may not want to go head first with the latest fashion treads only to realize 2 months or even 2 weeks down the road it’s not for you. Mastering the color trends is the safest intro, and then work your way to understanding top fashions of the season.

Once the word color is uttered in regard to style and fashion, the next to follow is Pantone. For they are like the masters of the color universe, imparting wisdom to seekers of knowledge. Earlier this year, I did a video series on color and shared the 2017 color of the year is Greenery, the palette includes the subtle pink color Pale Dogwood. It is this intriguing color that has me excited for summer and fall. It’s ideal for dainty dresses, office attire, and fun separates.

Two new additions for my Pale Dogwood addiction just landed in the wardrobe. The first is a simple yet elegant cocktail dress and the other is a perfect day to evening dress. These two pieces stand well on their own, or be absolutely stunning when paired with simply accessories.

My day to evening dress is a fitted fashion forward pattern with multiple seams. These seams allow you the luxury of color blocking or adding an overlay which was done to my version. Wanting to add a little edge to balance to femininity of the color, I added black burnout velvet to the center front and back panels. It helps to add dimension and the illusion of an hour-glass figure if needed.

Add a Little Edge: – 

Make a copy of desired panel for overlay using a fabric that is perceived to be tough, like leather, suede or darker. I used burnt-out black velvet.

Neatly stay stitch overlay to main fabric approx. ¼ inch from edge. Below you can see the center front and back that the velvet overlay was added to.

If you are all about adding a luxe look with this color, then you should try a knit fabric with gold or silver thread. This takes your project a notch higher especially when you are making simple pieces such as tees, sweaters, and skirts. My knit halter dress envelopes this concept. I wanted a simple design that will add a punch with the emphasis on the color. The color and hand of the fabric is the main focus, as this will dictate what pattern design should be used.

While working on this project, I noticed the length of the bodice appeared to be short. Knowing that I had a longer torso allowed me to realize this before I cut into my fabric.

Here is a quick How- To:

Adding length to the any bodice

Step 1: Make exact copy of desired pattern to lengthen (incl. all markings & notices)

Step 2: Calculate the difference between your pattern bodice and your measurements by subtracting the larger from the smaller value. To do this you will need to measure from your shoulder to waist. (My original bodice measures 16 inches and my actual measurement is 18 inches)

Step 3: Once the difference is calculated, cut along the lengthen line on your pattern and set aside. Now let’s add the difference to the split pattern by creating a template of our difference.

Step 4: Attach the template to your bodice and neatly create a smooth transition from each split line. Now you can continue with the patterns instructions for your project.

Pale Dogwood may not be everyone’s cup of Joe (or Tea) but it has great potential for the curious. While considering this color, think about your entire look. Yes, the color is important and the main focus. But, we must remember it’s only one fragment of the look and there are other supporting pieces to complete your personalized look.

Adding color to your wardrobe is a wonderful thing, at times we feel scared to introduce a shade that’s not our usual go-to. Remember you are in control of this and taking a chance is worth the risk. In the end, you have the knowledge of know if it works for you or not.



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