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EasterSpringDress2017| RunningNStyle Reveal

The Rue by Colette

I am very happy to reveal my chosen dress. I wanted to thank Judith of Judith Dee’s World and Akram from Akram’s Ideas for the awesome Easter challenge. Like I said previously The Rue has been on my To Do list for a very long time. This dress is one of my best make, I love the lines and details of it. I am a little disappointed that I did not do any color blocking with this project. But fear not, I’ll make another in the future.

What wonderful instructions I found in the Colette Patterns. I am so happy and in love with these directions. I made version 1, which has a flattering curved bust lines and pleated skirt. It is fully lined and I’ve not catch-stitch my skirt lining, nor did I do the clean finished armhole. But I did hand stitched the hem and armhole because I love the calming feeling I have while doing the task.

This is the perfect pattern for a picnic or summer party. My lovely floral polyester blend fabric came from Joann’s, I am having a hard time finding it on their website. If I locate it, the link will be left below. I choose this fabric because it was happy and full of new life. Just as spring brings new life, this dress represents that. The colorway is reminiscent of Easter, with the light blues and pinks.

 You will truly be happy with this, as I was expecting to have some issue with that curve at the bust. However, the entire process from start to finish was great and I’m very satisfied with this dress and how it turned out, as well as the tricks I’ve learned.

xoxo Renata


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  1. May 19, 2017 / 5:55 pm

    This dress has such a beautiful retro vibe, and this fabric fits the pattern well. Have you ever seen The Pajama Game? There’s this amazing scene where the characters are having a picnic and it’s a Bob Fosse choreographed explosion of color and patterns and dresses just like this. Every time I think of these kinds of styles, I think of that movie. I hope your weather warms up enough that you can go enjoy this dress in such a manner!

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