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2017 Spring Fashion – Tie the Trend 2 Your Sewing |RunningNStyle

Spring Trends In Full Bloom

Have you noticed what’s been happening at your local department store, boutique and online retailer? The tide is changing and spring fashion is slowly creeping in, are you “IN THE KNOW”? I do want to stress that I’m a strong proponent of finding and knowing your style. Trends tend to be costly if the focus is only on what’s in. I would definitely encourage you to add pieces that reflect your personal style.

So, What’s Really on Trend?

Well everything from Exposed Bra’s to Redefined shirts all the way back to 80’s glam. However I’ll be sharing my favorites and what are most likely to make the CUT to my wardrobe.

  • Statement Sleeves  
  • Ruffles & Flounces
  • Redefined Shirts
  • Stripes [ More dramatic and rainbow] 

These are the trends that have me going GAGA!

Ruffles & Flounces

We’ve already established the color trend in the previous series. What I’ve seen so far are statement sleeves and non-sleeve (cold shoulders) in a big way. This in my opinion is the biggest trend of the season which everyone can jump on. Lets focus on Ruffles & Flounces for a moment. Do you know the difference? I feel most people use the term interchangeably.

Basically ruffle, frills, and furbelow is a strip of fabric tightly gathered on one edge as a form of trimming. Ruffle are typically gathered at the top and all fullness descends through the entire length of the fabric. The term flounce is mainly representative of the manipulation of fabric to create a similar look with less bulk. Flounces offer a much smoother application near the attachment area because all the bulk is at the bottom of the strip.

Now that we are done with the terminology, lets dive into our inspirations and pattern possibilities for this trend.

This sort of design is perfect for light and flowing fabric, a great way to add your own seal is to mix fabric and color. If you are more adventurous feel free to try other patterns and fabric types.

Statement Sleeves

These bad boys are appearing everywhere and I don’t think they will be going away for a while. They include the ruffle and flounce, we see the trends interweaving within each other, which makes for a delightful sight. If you’re a bit nervous about the extremely voluminous sleeves, start small with a flounce or pleated version. Take a look at these street style inspiration.

It’s a major motivation when I have inspiration pieces they get me excited. My creative juices begin to flow and they don’t stop. Here are some patterns that can be used to create inspired projects.

Redefined Shirts – AKA The updated Oxford

I thought the reinvention of the classic shirt was a brilliant idea. Taking the shirt to a new level where it could be edgy, feminine and punk. I can’t wait to stamp my name on this trend. Here are some inspiration and possible pattern pairings.

 This will not be an easy trend to tackle, but I’m sure with time, perseverance and a little imagination, it can be done.

Stripes [ More dramatic and rainbow] 

Stripes are in, big and bold. I’ve read about rainbow stripes, seaside nautical stripes and everything in between. How about adding a crop top to your wardrobe or Wide Leg Striped pants. For sure this on one that will take some getting use too, especially if go the Big rainbow stripes.

Here are some fabric option as well, if you are in the market.

There are other trends but these are by far my favorite. Another one worth mentioning is Garden party. Where beautiful floral pallets are places on darker backgrounds. As well as Khaki, they are not your typically cargo pants or safari shirts, they have been used for cigarette pants and blazers as well as dresses with ruffles.

xoxo Renata


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  1. May 18, 2017 / 11:50 pm

    Some of those deconstructed shirts are really cool, and the striped linen sings to me! It’s always a tricky bit going after trends. I always wonder if certain things will have that look that’s “of an era” in a couple of years. At the same time, some of these sleeves are just joyful and if you look good in them, go for it! When I’m on the fence, I try to go to stores for the purpose of trying on a style to see what I think.

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