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2017 Spring Colors Pt.4- Tie the Trend 2 Your Sewing |RunningNStyle

Welcome to Part 4 of my color series, I feel like I’m ending strong with my inspiration and match ups.

Today is the last day for this series. It has been a wonderful four weeks and can’t believe all the great designs I was able to find and share. I have a sweet delivery today although it may be a short one. We have two colors to look at today, Flame and Lapis Blue.

PANTONE 17-1462 Flame
Are you ready to make an entrance and leave the room speechless? Flame will do that for you and much more. I looked at this color and saw a fierce sunset, dancing with the sun and horizon. It’s the perfect color to tango in.  If you’re a social butterfly, then this is the color for you. Flame is a confident color, it is sharp and eye-catching. It was made for flirty blouses, flowing skirts, and graceful dresses. Even though I say all this it can clean up nicely as a power suit for the office. Look no further here are my pairings.

Each piece I have chosen, has a touch fiery grace. I feel that although they are alluring, they still uphold strength and respect. First up I found this cute dress with a statement hem at Nieman Marcus, that would be perfect for such a lively color. By Hand London’s Georgia Dress  is the perfect candidate for this one. Next up, is a simple DVF dress that would be a jaw dropper in Flame and I could think of none other that Named Clothing Elizabeth dress for this inspiration. Although not quite similar, I was drawn to the spaghetti straps similarities. Remember earlier when I said this color could be strong while flamboyant, well I found that women’s suit can convey such a message. The sheath dress with jacket is exactly what I’m talking about. Vogue V1536 is a great option to make your make. I really love the shape of this jacket, it adds pizzazz. And finally a fun piece for the mix a simple top with a statement sleeve. Vogue  V9243 has many options for a sleeve to remember but version C will do for this inspiration.

PANTONE 19-4045 Lapis Blue
Lapis Blue is a beautiful color that demands respect. It is strong and confident, but not intimidating. It’s the perfect shade for the office and take the lead as an evening piece. This color is full of energy and looks great in trousers and dresses. No one can resist staring at this fascinating color with its intensity as a gown. Let’s take a look at the pairings,

I think these are great options for a bold and striking color. You won’t be missed with this suit Elie Tahari To get a similar effect take a look at BurdaStyle Creased Trousers 08/2012 #129, and the songs that, on lookers will be singing would be to celebrate that awesome smile of success you’ll be wearing. Simple shapes can be astonishing, just image this Tahari dress in blue, with an embellished lace accent. These designs aren’t hard to find but if you are looking for something to point you in the right direction, V1537 is perfect. The simple boat-neck design on this Loft by Ann Taylor is refreshing in this blue. I came up with BurdaStyle Flounce Dress 01/2017 #112A, don’t add the flounce and you’ve got twins. Lastly, I came across this OH MY dress Victoria Beckham wore somewhere, sometime and felt it would look just breathtaking in blue. I found two similar patterns that would work Vogue V1317 or V1381 both have similar line and would be great options to have as a starting point for this dress.

Thank you all for enduring to the end of this series, I truly hope you enjoyed it and if you have other series suggestions please let me know. 


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