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2017 Spring Colors Pt.3- Tie the Trend 2 Your Sewing |RunningNStyle

Welcome to Part 3 of the  2017 Spring Colors | Blog Series

Hello Everyone, 

This week I’m back again with some sewing inspiration with regard to the 2017 Color Trend. The 3 colors we’ll be looking at today are Pale Dogwood, Hazelnut, and  Island Paradise. These colors are more of a minimalist tone.

Pale Dogwood is the most delicate color in the palette, its a naive shade of pink with an aura of innocence and purity. It’s captivating and surreal at the same time, with hits of youthfulness, excitement and romance. My picks are feminine and romantic for this shade of pink. This color is ideal for fluttering sleeves and ruffles as it overflows with innocence and beauty.


Hazelnut is the perfect neutral for spring as it works well with all the colors for 2017. This shade is reminiscent of the classic neutral such as (brown, moss green, cream, khaki) because of its natural earthiness. What makes Hazelnut an all-rounder is it’s transitional appeal, this color is at home in any season. My choices for this color was based on neutralizing the stronger more loud colors with a subtle balance. I decided on a nice set of bottoms, skirts and shorts are ideal.

Island Paradise is a subtle enlivening shade, it brings to mind a tropical getaway with an awesome balcony view of the the ocean. It’s the one blue/green color that puts you in the never-ending mood to unwind and chill. With the ocean in mind, light and airy pieces are the best not to mention flowing tops and dresses with intricate details if you are using a solid fabric.

 These are three colors which are easy to digest, they are not overly unbearable. The Island Paradise can add a hint of spring to your fall/winter wardrobe, while the Pale Dogwood and Hazelnut covers all the seasons.  

Have a wonderful day, we’ll meet soon when I share the last two colors in this palette.




  1. February 11, 2017 / 6:51 pm

    I definitively need a Pale dogwood colored dress!

    • renata
      February 14, 2017 / 6:04 am

      It’s a really nice shade of pink, I think it will work will with other colors as well as on it’s own. Also very sophisticated 🙂

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