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2017 Spring Colors Pt.1- Tie the Trend 2 Your Sewing |RunningNStyle

Welcome to my new Blog Series| 2017 Spring Colors

I wanted to share my love of color and how we really shouldn’t be afraid it. I know some of us just hate certain colors and that’s alright. What I want to say here, is just try a new color and see what you think of it. Please don’t go and spend tons of money, utilize your favorite shop or boutique and take advantage of their dressing room, make that your testing ground! There are times, I know that I’m crazy with how I wear color, but it’s just an awesome way to express YOU! Today we’ll look at the color of the year and my favorite color in the palette. In the past, I wrote about color and how the color wheel could be a great tool when planning your projects, if you would like to read more click Color Dancing & Your Wardrobe!

Who or What is PANTONE

To keep things simple, straight and to the point, they are the authority on color, and provider of color systems, they lead in technology for accurate communication of color. Visit PANTONE

Over the last few years, I’ve found myself running to Pantone’s website to see what’s THE color of the year will be. And this year is no different with the exception that I have a platform I can share my thoughts and how we as sewist can add more style to our wardrobe. Honestly, I try very hard not be the person that follows every trend and fads that comes along. With that said, I do still like to be aware of what’s out there and if it could possible play a part in my life.

Greenery PANTONE 17-4123

Greenery is the color of the year by PANTONE, and I must say it’s a luscious color, that overflows with energy and life. I feel this is a color that most people can pull off, if you are nervous don’t make an entire outfit with the color. It would be a better idea to add the color in the form of an accessory: – scarf, handbag, headband, necklace. Then see how people react to you? Do they complement you? Do they say how good you look, or wow, something’s different can’t put my finger on it.  That’s a good indication that the color works for you.

On the website, you’ll read that Greenery is a nature’s neutral. It’s one of those colors that work well with anything you throw at it.  And I feel they are exactly correct. It’s that base color; you can be pair with red, blue, yellow, pink. I’m not saying it’s not a loud color but you can neutralize with brown, gray, steel, even white and rein it in.

Primrose  PANTONE 13-0755

Now lets take a look at other colors in palette and what we as sewers can make to capture the essence in our own way. The first color is Primrose Yellow it’s a dazzling color that reminds you of a beautiful hillside covered in flowers and  WAKES onlookers with its warmth. Its a happy, bright and cheerful color.  These are just a few inspiration pieces, I’ve paired with comparable patterns. These are all simple everyday design that can be added to your wardrobe.

This is by far the most cheerful color in the palette. I love how inviting it is, not too intense. Maybe just a little bit! It’s the perfect yellow for blue jeans or a circle skirt and floral blouse. I’ve been seriously wanting to dive in to yellow for a while and since my MAKENINE video, those cigarette pants have been calling me.


Another of my favorite color in this palette is Pink Yarrow. I’ll have more inspiration and pattern pairing on Wednesday.



  1. February 2, 2017 / 5:38 pm

    This is a great collection. I can see these bright colors looking just beautiful on you. The Niagara blue is really close to some of the blues in my color palette which means I’ll have to keep my eye out for it! When colors pop up in my palette, I stock up! The past several years, it’s been corals and salmons for me, but maybe now is the time for blues. I bought a Pantone deck years ago, and I always keep it on hand because it’s so helpful to compare fabric colors to it. There’s a couple of fabric stores that give you the Pantone colors which can help me decide if I want to get swatches or not.

    • renata
      February 4, 2017 / 1:37 pm

      Isn’t it amazing how we can get attached to a color? I have that same feeling towards purple, but I wanted to have as many color as I could in my wardrobe. That’s when I started researching and found PANTONE. We all have a favorite color and should embrace that part of us, yet I feel it’s important to share the love. Niagara is such a surreal blue I know you will enjoy having it in your wardrobe and playing with it in your sewing room. 🙂

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