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2017 Sewing Goals – Keep Me Accountable!

As we look forward to 2017, everyone is posting their New Year’s Resolutions. I much prefer to set GOALS, as they are easier to attain. And honestly, I feel as soon as I say the word resolution, I’m bound to fail.

If someone asked what would I like to see when looking back at 2016, it would be progress. So, what exactly is progress, to me it’s getting a little bit better and not staying stagnated in the same position. The text book definition is “to move forward or onward movement toward a destination. My destination are as follows: –

Sewing Goals

Stop 1

  • Learn proper fitting technique

Most of the time my sewing projects fit fine and rarely have any issue. However, I know that my skills can be improved and feel that should the opportunity of a FBA coming knocking I want to have to knowledge to seal the deal. With that said, I’ve add Fitting Solo with Linda Lee and Sew the perfect Fit  with  Lynda Maynard on the Craftsy platform. 

Stop 2

  • Master Welt Pockets

My nemesis the welt pockets, wow I got to get a handle on this technique. It’s such an intimidating task. I love the shape and structure and the added element of perfection it inflects on a garment.

Stop 3

  • Make a Style Icon Dress
    • Dita Von Tesse is one of my modern day style icon. I love how her style and how she truly makes it part of her life on and off the camera.
  • Rita Hayworth is another style Icon, I’ve enjoyed watching and learning about. Historic Dresses really bring my femininity out and I love it.
  • Grace Kelly, I remember growing up and hearing my mom speak of her. As I’ve grown and only scratch the surface of who this women was. Her style has called me and would love to make one dress from her amazing wardrobe.

The list of these icon are long and exciting that may need to dedicate an entire post to these historical ladies.

Stop 4

  • Learn Draping and make a dress

I truly love the look of draped garment, flowing and designs with that ethereal feeling. Draping is the process of transforming a clothing design into a three-dimensional form. The art of draping dates back to 3500 BCE, beginning with the Mesopotamian and Ancient Egyptians.

Happy New Year my friends!



  1. Nina woodson
    March 29, 2017 / 2:40 pm

    Hi running styles do you ever do tutorials.I like your video.

    • March 31, 2017 / 12:44 am

      Hi Nina, I hope all is well with you, thanks for supporting my channel. It’s much appreciated. To answer your question, I don’t do tutorials often. Tutorials are so demanding but I may have one in the near future. If I don’t make a video, it will be posted to my blog. I’m currently hacking a McCall’s pattern and I think it’s a fun one to share with my audience. Where you looking for a particular project?

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