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Comfy Lounge Pants – DIY Tutorial

It seems only natural when you are active in a community; you pull together for various special events. All the vloggers and their channels will be listed below. Today I post my first ever DIY tutorial and I must say it’s not the easiest thing to do. Much planning was needed and if I do another in the future, every last detail of the recording will be considered.

So a group of us sewing vloggers have come together for the festive season with a few quick diy projects you can tuck up in your sleeves to pull out when needed. I love staying warm so my project is the comfy lounge pants. This is a staple for Wisconsin, its versatile in the sense that you can use different fabric to take you from bed to the gym to grocery shopping and my favorite to snuggle with your love and watch a movie. For my project, I used Anti Pill Fleece, it’s soft and warm. Why not try velvet or minky to add a bit of luxury to your project.

You will need:
1. Pattern or Pants (you own to make a template)
2. Tracing Paper
3. Fabric (Fleece, Flannel, Velvet, & Minky)
4. Thread, Pins, weights or clips
5. Rotary Cutter or Scissors


  1. Clone your pants into a template, I recommend using tracing paper if you plan to make again or cut directly on your fabric. You may want to label your front and back pieces. You will have a total for pieces of fabric [2 front & 2 back]
  2. Stitch inner seams of front to back with right side of fabric facing each other.
  3. Now you will have 2 [two sets] of front & back pieces. Join the U looking sections together to form your crotch
  4. It’s time to sew the side seam
  5. Once this is complete, go ahead and finish the sideseam and waistband, leaving an opening large enough just so you can feed the elastic through.
  6. Secure the elastic with a few machine stitches and stitch closed the waistband opening.

*To get the proper lenght for the elastic, measure your waist + 1- 2 inches depending on how stretchy your elastic is.
In the video I shared how easy it is to copy/clone one of the bottoms you have in wardrobe. I honestly feel the key is to accurately trace the front and back crotch. I added 1 ½ inch for the waist and 1 inch for hem. For the inner and side seam, and 5/8 inch for all other seam allowance.

Since this is my first DIY, I see a few flaws that would be rectified in future videos. But I am quite satisfied with the project and have made 3 cozy pants already.

Happy Sewing! 

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