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Nicola Finetti ~ Vogue 1498 Pattern Review

Vogue 1498 Nicola Finetti

This dress has a close-fitting bust section with crisscrossed
bodice, which overlaps to the left side and the skirt has an overlap on the
opposite side. This creates a very high slit, making this form-fitting at first
sight conservative dress extremely sexy.

It is the perfect design for someone with well-structured
and toned shoulders. I’ve made my dress with a mid-weight knit that has good
recovery. The dress is designed to hug you in all the right places, and
depending on your choice of fabric, will keep problem areas tucked in nicely.

My pattern was cut at a size 12 with no alterations, other
than adding an invisible zipper instead of the recommended exposed one. I liked
everything about this dress, with the exception of the instructions. However, I’ll
just say it was user error, because this is an advanced design and I’m merely
an intermediate sewer.

After losing my mind while sewing this dress, I feel so much
satisfaction with the results. Honestly, I may have overreacted. Yes! It was unbearably
a stressful dress, but I was also, very tired while initially working on it.

The Problem Areas (be careful with these)

Pattern Piece 4 – Right Front Facing

Pattern Piece 7 – Left Front Facing

I am not exactly sure how I managed to mix these up, but I
did and the world of trouble befell me and I was confused for at least a week. I
was trying so hard to convince and giving good reasons why it was worth giving
up. Then every time I started to pack the project up, I was like Man – I’m
gonna look so good in that.
I just pushed through it.

Also pay close attention to STEPS 12, this is where Pattern Piece 3, joins with Pattern Piece 9
(which is your lining) that is attached to Pattern Piece 4 – Right Front
Facing. The same sort of attention goes with Step 20, the light began to shine and things started to make more sense
here on to me. It’s an intense design especially if you don’t sew a lot of
advance design. 

My best advice would be as always follow the instructions by reading,
re-reading, reading again and finally take your time. I’m not sure if I would make this dress again, unless I had somewhere specific in mind. Overall I like how the dress turned out.

Thanks for visiting and happy sewing!


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