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Where has FebruaryGone? Goodbye Granny.

Hello my lovely readers, it’s been a spell since my last
blog post. 

This is a catch-up post, I had such high hopes for the month of February,
with Valentine’s Day & my Anniversary back2back. I felt this would be successful
month. It was all planned out, making a very alluring dress, and completing my
video before the Pink & Hearts holiday.

Saying Goodbye to Grandma

Three weeks ago we were told that my husband’s Grandmother had a malignant tumor and about 4-6 month to be with us. Although his grandma is in her early 90’s no one or nothing can prepare you for that news. You feel so helpless, what can you say in situation like this, how can comfort the ones you love. It’s a sticky place to be in, I find that it’s better to say nothing and just give a hug. At least for me it would be hard to talk, I’m the sort of person that loves to greet and say hi, how you doing, take it easy and none of those are appropriate. I think the hug says everything the words would mess up while I’m trying to considerate.  Now we have a funeral to go to on Thursday, we haven’t had time to adjust to her illness but maybe this is better (She’s no longer in pain). I hope the funeral will be a celebration of her life and we remember to show those we care about what they truly mean to us daily.

Guess Who’s coming to the Office 

Once a year my Director
visits our office (he flies in from the east coast), its usually in the summer.
But this year it was in February, and having to prepare his itinerary, plan a
celebration and host our Executive leader had me sweating. This took two weeks
out of my Sewing/YouTube time budget. But he’s a good boss and I like working
for him, so I didn’t mind the sacrifice.

Birthday Parties

It took us two weeks as an extended
family to choose a birthday party date for my son. After multiple emails back
and forth, we came up with date about 6 weeks after his birthday when everyone
would be back in town. It didn’t seem fair to push his party so far back and I
decided against it. He decided to keep it small and invite one good friend. It
wasn’t the amazing shine dig I wanted to throw for him, but in the end he had a
wonderful day.

Once this week is over with, I can start focusing on my therapeutic

Thanks for visiting!


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