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Pattern Review – McCalls M7249

 Hey Sewing Padna’s,
Last month was real crazy at work. Wuking 75 hours every week was real pressure for yuh gyul. I had to represent meh team, so I showed up, was on time to deliver and now things are manageable for this month (I hope). The end of the year real unpredictable in that office eh, I can’t wait to buss it for Thanksgiving. But that was then and McCalls M7249 is now.

Can you understand anything in the above Paragraph. (Taking a moment to share some Trini Talk (Trinidad Slang))


Hey Sewing Friends,

Over the last month, we had many unforeseen changes in the workload; we saw an increase in request. Which meant the previous forecast for October did not apply and I had to step up and assist my team. Things look much better and manageable for the month of November (I hope). This time of the year is always unpredictable, so I am very excited about the upcoming Thanksgiving mini-stay-cation, and more time to sew without interruption.

Pattern Review M7249

Pattern Specs: Misses Tops and Dress: Close-fitting, pullover tops and dress have gathered front overlay and stitched hems.

This review is like going to the drive thru, short and sweet because it’s not a very complicated project. My only disappointment is not having a video review but I will definitely make one for the next project. 

I’ll begin by saying I like the design of this blouse as stated in my previous post. It’s fantastic and the instructions are great (clean, concise and easy to follow). I decided to use a knit fabric and lace for the overlay, because I was just plain lazy and wanted to make this top. 

Looking back now I don’t think that jersey knit was the best option. It looks fine IMHO but it would look ten times better with a knit that had some lycra in it. I feel the sheen would add to the distinction of the design. The lace the perfect addition to add more character to this pattern based on the fabric I was using. I cut this in a size 10 and made no adjustments, everything went surprisingly well. 

Although I rarely make adjustments, I would normally have to use the hem ripper somewhere, sometime during the project and this was not the case. So I’m very happy with the results.

Next Project

Tracy Reese Plenty M7244 is on my table getting prep for cutting. I think this will turn out great and I already have plans for a second version. Can you believe that, sometimes I just love pushing my own buttons? I picked up a green Calvin Klein knit early this year on my yearly visit to SR Harris in Minneapolis. It’s heavy with a nicestretch, the recovery of this fabric is amazing as well as the drape.It should do good justice to this pattern.

The other fabric is a textured knit from Hancock Fabric, it has a similar recovery but not as elastane as the Calvin Klein. What will pose a challenge is the chevron, my vision is adding some peek-a-boo details to the design with black lace. But first things first, I’ll have a new project to post in week – Green Knit M7244.

Thanks so much for reading & visiting.

Caution: Shameless modeling below


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