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2015 Fall Sewing: Making a Plan and Sticking to it!

Can you believe it! September is almost over. Where did the time go? Today I’m sharing my plan for
the fall season. Yes, this fall season which by the way is flying way faster
than I can put pieces together. I better get a move on it because this train isn’t
staying long. Here are a few patterns that I’ve placed on my to do list.

First up is the pretty Classic Pea Coat from
Burda’s 9/2015 #104. To complete this project, I’m taking tips from a well know
blogger extraordinaire. I’ll be following along with Erica Bunker’s DIY Style Presents ~ The Amazing Sew-Alongs with
a host of help on the Facebook page as well (by invitation only as it’s a
closed group).

Next I have a knit blouse from McCalls M7249. I love the
butterfly/winged feature, if you color block just right this will look amazing.
I’m using a similar color for the top and a multi-color for my overlay. I’m
excited to see how this turns out.

I’ve been eyeing this Plenty by Tracy Reese McCalls M7244 but
truly got the make it bug after seeing Sew Crafty Chemist version.

I am also considering making the Tracy Reese button down blouse McCalls M7251, although I’m
not exactly sure what color I would make it in. I’m thinking a crisp white
fabric would look great and be versatile, not to mention a great wardrobe

As much as I run, you would think I’ve sewn my own gears before right!
But I haven’t and I’m hoping to squeeze some activeware projects in. I just had
too, after seeing McCalls M7261 it was a
done deal. 

These pieces are really my style, I can work with these. Most activeware
patterns available seem dowdy and unflattering, with the exception of Jalie & Fehr Trade. I’ve not done a ton of research on this but this is what it
looks like from barely scratching the surface.

Finally, here is my wildcard – Burda’s 7/2015 #112 Zip-up Vest. This is
so darn funky, I just love it. It would be a nice addition to a chunky sleeve
sweater, talking about keeping it real with style and staying warm in Wisconsin.

With such an ambitious sewing plan, my video pattern reviews may be
combined and content heavy or short showcasing outfits of the day. I’ve set the
Bar… Let’s find out just how high it is as I’ll begin sewing this week.
Thanks so much for stopping and reading. 


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