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Happy New Year

Thank You!

Like years past 2014 has been a year of ups and downs. For those of you that visited RunningNStyle this year, thank you! I appreciate your visits and support. Last year I started my project in September, when I changed the name of the blog from DelicateLilyStyle. 2014 has been the most successful in my five years of blogging. My photography and content has improved, progressing toward my desire to have a more polished style.

I have big hopes for 2015. I want to improve the overall appearance of the blog and expand to a multimedia platform. I hope you all stick around and see how this all unfolds. (I’m both excited and terrified . . .)

Keeping the “running” in RunningNStyle

This was sort of forgotten, because I was unsure how to incorporate style while training. Once I begin training for my next 1/2 marathon, I’ll drop some running updates on the blog and see how it grows.


With the goal of becoming more focused in 2015, I’ve decided to create a Facebook page and post all my projects, and related content there. When it’s complete, I’ll share the link in my post.


Yeah, I’m trying something new. While recently coming to terms with how short life is, I’m taking a leap of faith with this new endeavor! As you can tell, I’m nervous about sharing what exactly it is. What I can say right now, this is by far the most daunting and exhilarating thing I’ve done. I hope it’s well received. 

Stay Tuned for my next post – it will be interesting!

Have a Happy Happy New Year and stay safe.

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