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Autumn is Finally Here!

Autumn is Finally Here

What I Sewed today!

Here is McCall’s M6513, it’s almost finished just a few
final touches and more photos to come on this one.

The leaves are changing color and the cool air is coming in,
it’s Fall baby – The season for boots, scarves and chunky knits is here. 2014
Fall is going to be a bomb of a sewing season for me. I tend to get pretty lazy
around this time of the year, how about you? I’ve already made tons of changes
in my life to ensure this is not the case. Sticking to my running and signing
up for races has really kept me in check.

Wimpy 7

All I have to say is – it was a cold 41 degrees when I
started to run this morning and it didn’t get any better as the run progressed.
My plan was to run 13 this Saturday and take a break next weekend before my
race. Well the weather changed my mind for me. The wind was extremely sharp
especially over the bridges, so I cut my run to 7 miles today. It’s obvious
that I need winter running shoes, my pretty pink ones don’t cut it and a pair
of gloves or two. I’m still pretty confident I’ll make my 1/2 marathon in a
good time, no sense in killing myself, it’s not like I’m getting paid for
running :). It’s all for fun and staying healthy.

Fall Sewing Plan

Wisconsin’s winter are very much the adventure to live
through, and layering is key in my neck of the woods. Here is a list of the
hopefuls for this seasons:-

Basic Long Sleeves as wardrobe builders, along with Sweater
because I really don’t feel the need to compromise what I love making and wearing the most during this
season. The versatility you get with boots and leggings can really extend your
closet. These are some of the designs I would like to work on soon.

I purchased Burda 6990, it’s a nice selection of the basic tee, these can be made for fall or summer and fantastic wardrobe builder. These will go into production after my race.

It’s pretty oblivious Burda is my pattern of choice. I think they have cutting edge design which suits my fancy.

The below dress is such a wildcard for me because I constantly declare my dislike of the color purple and details that tend to get caught any and everywhere (bat sleeves and cape like designs).

I’m sold on this wrap dress, with my collection of BurdaStyle, I’ve decided to totally kill the studio with BurdaStyle Designs. This is on my table now, begging to be cut and sewn. Originally (meaning 2 hours ago) I taught I had the perfect fabric in my stash. Very much not the case, due to the drape of the wrap the underside of the fabric will show. It won’t look as polished with my initial fabric consideration. Hancock Fabrics here I come.

Bulk around the neck has never been my thing, but the stiff wind in the Midwest will change your mind pretty fast. I’ll add that it does make an attractive look if done the right way. Recently, I’ve began to experiment and grown to like cowls, chunky scarves etc. Hopefully I can find a wool like fabric that’s warm and not too itchy for this design. I love the polka dot hosiery, it completes the look

Still sifting through my magazine stash for a few sweater dresses that are casual. When I find those I’ll share. This week I’m looking forward to cutting the wrap dress once I pick the fabric up and getting my last long run before my race on 10/18/2014. Have a great week!

Happy Running & Sewing 


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