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A Little Shoe Shopping

The best running shoes ever!

Last Sunday I went shopping because everyone has to spoil themselves on their birthday. Plus my old running shoes was an utter disgrace and down right gross and a year of running and little under 3,000 miles of running. I have to say that I deserve a new shoe and I’m pretty bias to Nike’s. For the last 3 years, I’ve been using Nike’s and I’m not changing brands. I’ve tried New
Balance before, but they feel chunky and I’m not a fan of the styles they
offer. With that said, I give every available pair of sneakers a chance when I
go shopping.

These new babies are awesome and they feel great. 

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As you slide
your feet in, there’s a little hump if I should call it that, but that fits
perfect with my in-step.  This might be a
problem for others, as for me it fit like a glove. Tomorrow will be my fifth run
with them and a total of 29.22 miles this week.


I’ve been longing for some funky little booties and I found
this one at my local Rogan’s. Today was the first time I wore them and I’m in love,
they are super comfortable. All day at work and it felt like a dream. Kenneth,
you did a bang up job with this design.

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I’ve to say that Target for shoes never crossed my mind, well
not for me anyway. But I was browsing with the kids and this little blue faux
suede number caught my attention.

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My selection of shoes are usually in the
family of black, neutral or red. I’ve decided to broaden my color spectrum this
fall and I grabbed her with no intention to put it back. I really love the
ankle straps, I might have to go investigate the animal print version. If you
would like to take a look for yourself online, please follow this link by
clicking here.

Thanks for stopping and reading

Happy Running and Sewing!


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