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11 Miles Today

Not the 12 

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Miles I had planned, but
I it was a successful run. Have you taught about adding running to your daily
exercise routine. I’ve been more less religiously running for  3 year. I
had a rough patch earlier this year, and last fall (2013). Basically – I just
enjoyed food more than running 🙂

Now I’m on a mission to
run successfully through the winter and sew amazing outfits, to showcase my
style, and develop my sewing skills. Thus the reason of renaming my blog. I’m
passionate about my running and sewing hobby. 

It’s was overcast

To start my day, I woke
up late, my Saturday mornings are usually early. I go for my runs around 6 am,
somehow I managed to wake up at 7, so I was scrambling. Personally, I like
running when no one is around (it’s just how I operate during the summer). I
love to get my run out of the way and have the rest of the day for all the fun
stuff, sewing, hanging with the kids or just plain being lazy.

Okay, back to it being
overcast. I’ll be honest, I hate being cold and this morning had a really nice
breeze in all the right spots along my route. The sun peeked out in just the
right places to cool me down when my body got hot. As a runner, I get super hot
really fast.

Mile 1 is normally a
bi@##, but today it was fine. I was hauling butt all the way to mile 10, then
my knees began to hurt a bit. so I decided to stop at mile 11. No sense in
pushing it and getting injured. I’ve learned my lesson the hard way. No more
runners knee for me, that can knock you out of the game for as little as 2
weeks all the way to 2 months. I really enjoyed my long run today and super
proud of my success.

FYI – I’m down 19 lbs
from my mid July weight. Today I’m 151 lbs at 5 feet 9 inches. My goal weight
is 135 and have an estimated completion date of November 2014.

Adding Weights (Medicine Ball or Kettle Bell)

During this winter, I
would like to include weights in my routine. The winter months are hard on
runners and I just don’t want to fall as much as I did last year :). I’ll be
cutting my mileage down and basically sticking to a max of 3-5 miles. I’ve seen
heard lots of positive comments about the Medicine and Kettle Bell. Since I’ve
three kids, I would also like to tighten up my core. It’s not the most
appealing part of my body, sort of like and elephants trunk 😀

Hopefully this new addition can give me a ripped core.

Thanks for visiting 

Happy Running & Sewing!


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