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Zipped Clutch – Holiday Gifting

Gift Giving Over The Years

For this holiday season, I wanted to give my nieces gifts that were handmade. Honestly! we’ve spent a ton on gifts over the years (toy, electronics, and those awesome as seen on TV gifts). This year I wanted to make a change.

The Girls Love It

The girls were happy and appreciative with their gifts. I saw one of my niece tuck-away some treasures in hers :). These little clutches were so much fun to make and Izzy (my eldest daughter) is begging me to make her one.

The fabric is from Hancock, it’s quilt weight and from the M’ Liss collection. My first attempt was with a regular zipper, but I’ve upgraded to metal zipper.

 This strapless version is made with  Melissa White – Fairlyte Garden Butterfly Carnival Vibrant from fabric.com.

Photos: Via DLS

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