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Merry Christmas To You All


What a wonderful
year 2013 has been. I’ve completed a number of project, ran another 13.5
race, Freak 5K, and other short races. Some  projects were blogged on
and others may not be posted. Simple because the time has past and I too
lazy 🙂 I’m jamming with some Trinidad Christmas music of choice
-PARANG, backing my ham and making traditional RUM cake 🙂 you all for
visiting and reading over the past 12 months. I look forward to 2014
with excitement, we’ve already opened presents at our house… FYI I’m
the proud owner of my first 3 independent pattern designers pattern.
Look out January sewing, I’ve new patterns yeah. If you remember I
previously vowed not to buy new patterns. But I never said I would not
ask for any 🙂

 Happy Holidays and see you in 2014!!!


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