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What’s On the Table 10.25.13

Off to a good start

On task – On the table tonight.

  • Flashy yellow costume fabric
  • Mens Tweed UFO
  • One Ottobre cardigan is being drafted for a new project

Flashy Yellow
This is going to be a nice addition to Izzy costume. I won’t be using any special pattern for this. As for her dress, I used one of her well-fitting sleeveless tee shirts. An in depth review will follow after completion.

Men’s Tweed
I’m so ashamed to say, but I started this four years ago for my husband. With my recent commitment felt it would be a good idea to complete this project. It’s long overdue; most of my fear had to do with the welt pocket.

Ottobre Cardigan
I’ve been receiving these magazines for about 5 years now and I’m buckling down and using them. Ottobre magazine has by far the best instructions and I’m excited to dive into this project. My apologies for posting without photos, organization will come with practice.

Happy Sewing


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